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What is Addiction?

We can also call addiction as a bad habit or addiction. Every person has some kind of habit like addiction to tea or coffee, addiction to overwork etc. But, we often associate it with alcohol or drugs. However, the habit of gambling, eating something repeatedly can also be called addiction. It is a psychological and physical disability due to which we are unable to stop ourselves from consuming any chemical, medicine or thing or from any activity. No matter how much physical or psychological harm it is causing us.

It is a chronic disease. In the beginning, we consume the addictive thing or do the activity, but gradually it becomes our bad habit. Quitting addiction is completely possible. Know in detail about addiction.

About addiction, What is addiction
Addiction is part of Habit

What factors trigger the addiction? How does a person not stop to fall in addicton?

When you start consuming something addictive things, it makes you feel good physically and psychologically. After this your mind starts consuming more of these substances. Over time this desire increases and it becomes difficult to give up this addiction. Know how it starts:

  • Chemical Reaction in Brain-

Some people use addictive things or activities once. By controlling himself, he does not use them again. But, most people get used to them. This is partly due to the frontal lobes of our brain. Frontal lobes delay the experience of gratification. Some other parts of our brains also contribute to addiction, such as the anterior cingulate cortex and nucleus accumbens that are associated with pleasurable sensations. This increases a person’s response to exposure to addictive substances and behaviours. Other possible causes of addiction include chemical imbalances in the brain and mental disorders such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

  • Feeling of Alone

According to experts say that some youth started using some addictive things, then they use again-again. They feel satisfaction in mind. and Because He had nothing another things that avoid his lonely feelings and get happy. Then he find the way of satisfaction through addictive things.

Does Have level of Addiction?

There are some levels of addiction which are as:-

Exprience: To consume something (addictive) or to engage in some such activity for getting happen something new of curiosity and experience.

Socially or Regularly Used: Consuming these regularly or engaging in activity in social situations.

Risk: Consuming them again and again in large quantities, ignoring the consequences.

Dependency: Consuming these things or engaging in activity daily, despite possible negative consequences.

About Addiction, Types of addiction
Facing with Addiction

How many Types of Addiction?

It according to scientific report that one out of every three people in the world is a victim of some kind of addiction. This addiction can be in the form of any thing or behavior. Some types of addiction are as follows:

Alcohol: Alcoholism is like a chronic disease. one use it as enjoy but more consumption of it become a addiction. That effect their relations and health.

Tobacco: Many People know that using of Tobacoo product is cause of cancer but they ignore it while not get affected to it. Nicotine is found in tobacco, which can cause many diseases such as throat cancer. Due to this thousands of people lose their lives every year.

Marijuana: Marijuana is one of the illegal drugs, which are widely used. Its use is common among teenagers and young people because it is often considered a soft medicine. It also harms physically, mentally and emotionally.

Cocaine: Cocaine is a drug belonging to the group of psychoactive substances. That is, this produces stimulating effects on the nervous system, mainly in the brain. Cocaine quickly produce sattisfaction in Brain.

Masturbation: You will have to listen about masturbation. Many tells it is no effected our body but overuse of this method for getting satisfaction is harmful for mentally and physically health.

Repent when fall in any Addiction
Repent of fall in Addiction

What is the solution of getting out of Addiction?

To get rid of addiction, you should get yourself the right treatment. You have to observe your addiction and find reason of doing any addiction and find how can you change it good habit or you can get counselling to doctors. These remedies can be used to deal with addiction:

Detoxifiaction: Medically-assisted detox can help you get rid of the addictive substance in a safe environment. This is beneficial because sometimes getting rid of an addictive substance can be terrifying and life threatening. Detox does not treat the causes of the underlying behavior of the addiction, it is usually used in conjunction with other treatments.

Cognitive Behavioural therapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy is beneficial for the treatment of many types of addiction such as food addiction, alcohol addiction. Not only can this help you recognize your unhealthy behavior patterns, but it can also help you identify triggers and get rid of them.

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy: REBT recognizes your negative thoughts and helps you feel better. Its purpose is to help you realize that the power of Rational Thinking lies within you and has nothing to do with external situations or stress.

12-Step Facilitation: This method is beneficial in the treatment of alcohol and substance abuse. It is a form of therapy, which recognizes that addiction has many negative consequences that can be social, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

Medicines: When medicines are used in conjunction with behavior therapy, they improve to be very beneficial. These medicines remove cravings, improve mood and reduce addictive behavior.

solution of addiction,feelings after out of addiction
After out of Addiction

What is the daily routine for out of Addiction?

If you want to get out of addiction then you have to change yourself. Not only medicine or therapy, but you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Know, what changes you should make in your lifestyle:

Healthy food: The most needed change to get out of addiction is the right diet. With the right and balanced diet, you will be able to reduce your stress further and you will have many physical, mental and emotional benefits. Take special care of some things like do not ignore breakfast, make sure to include fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc. in your diet. If you have any doubts about your diet, consult a nutritionist or dietician.

Regularly Exercise: Make exercise a part of your life. Not only will this keep you healthy, but it will also increase the feel-good chemicals in your brain. Due to which your stress will be relieved and your mood will improve.

Find Good Friends: If you have any addiction then the credit can also go to your friends or loved ones. Because you addictive through your friends force to get addictive. In such a situation, now you have to make some good friends, who can help you come out of addiction and stay positive.

Follow your intersting Hobbies: Leave your old lifestyle and give time to your new hobby and do whatever you want to do. Like painting, participating in some sport, dancing etc. With this you will also be able to divert your attention from addiction.

Relax in Good Enviroment: Most people start drinking or taking other drugs because of this. Because, they want to relax and gradually it becomes their habit. Now in the changed lifestyle you have to learn to relax without drugs or alcohol.

Be Honest: Victims of addiction are not honest with themselves. They self reason of getting habitual of any addiction. But, if you want to get away from addiction then you need to be honest.

How to Motivate to get out of Addiction?

To be motivated to get rid of addiction, you must first find the reason why you want to quit it. Like you want to do this for the safety of your family, because of some disease or any other reason. A strong reason will help and motivate you to get rid of addiction.

Help who loving you: When you have decided to get rid of addiction, be sure to tell your loved ones about it. They will not only help you in this work, but you will also get motivation from their support.

Give Reward Yourself: Usually people consume addictive things because they want to be relaxed. But, don’t forget to reward yourself if you have decided to leave it and are following it completely. Take all that you need for yourself. Fulfill your hobbies as well, you will also be motivated.

Think about your Future:

During addiction, we are neither able to think about our present nor about the future. Not only this, during addiction, a person cannot think about any person. It affects their future and their family. But, during or after getting rid of addiction, you can fulfill your responsibilities along with thinking about your future and family. You will be more motivated than this.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you don’t have to fight the battle alone. Talk to a medical professional. There are many successful treatments available that can help you overcome your addiction.

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