Why is Cleopatra so famous? I I History of Cleopatra I

History of Cleopatra

Cleopatra is recorded in history as such a mysterious personality whose mystery has not yet stopped unraveling. She is said to have been clever, scheming and cruel more than she was beautiful and sexy. She had sexual relations with several men. She used to trap kings and military officers by tying them under the spell …

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Biography ofΒ Bhupen Hazarika, contribution, awards 2022, hit song


Bhupen Hazarika has made an unprecedented contribution to the world of Indian music with his songs. Bhupen Hazarika is known not only as a lyricist, musician, but also as a poet, film producer and writer of his native language Assamese. Bhupen Hazarika illuminated many serious issues of society through his films and music. He used …

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Why is Dhyan Chand called Major? – National Sports Day – History

Why is Dhyan Chand called Major? - National Sports Day - History

Dhyan Chand was an Indian player. Who is widely considered to be the best hockey player. Dhyan Chand’s ability to score was amazing. During his play, India won three gold medals in hockey (1928, 1932 and 1936) at the Olympics. This was the time when India was the best team in hockey. Why is Major …

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Why Bhangarh Fort is famous? – know amazing facts and History

Why Bhangarh Fort is famous? - know amazing facts and History

Everyone tells Bhangarh Fort to be haunted and people are afraid to go to this fort alone. Everyone wants to know what is inside this fort. Today we will talk about the history and interesting facts of this fort. Why Bhangarh Fort is famous? Bhangarh Fort is situated on the border of Sariska Sanctuary between …

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Laal Singh Chaddha Real Story, Review, Box office collection

Who was Lal Singh Chadda

Lal Singh Chaddha Real Story: Let us tell you that this film is a remake of a Hollywood film called Tom Hanks is Forrest Gump released in 1994. Aamir Khan is bringing the story of Laal Singh Chaddha through a Hindi film. The film is directed by Advait Chandan. Friends! Do you know that the …

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Relation Between Shamsher Bahadur and Bajirao Mastani?-History

History of Shamsher Bahadur

From the birth of Shamsher Bahadur in 1734 AD till the death of Bajirao Peshwa and Mastani in 1740, he had seen the rebellion of his mother and himself. What happened after the death of Bajirao Mastani? His mother Mastani was imprisoned in front of his eyes, but still he fought for the life of …

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Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy: A Forgotten Hero in the History

syraa Narsimha reddy history

What did India not do to get independence from the British? Mollions of brave sons laid down their lives for freedom. Many filmmakers have also made films on some brave sons. Now a similar film is going to be released soon. The film is based on the life of Narasimha Reddy. Chiranjeevi plays the role …

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Velu Nachiyar: The 1st Bravest Queen of India who fought against British

Rani Velu Nachiyar

The revolution of 1857 is known as the first freedom struggle of India. This revolution is recorded in history with this name. There have been many such kings and emperors in Indian history who did not allow foreign powers to easily set foot on the soil here during the freedom struggle. In Indian history, many …

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What is Breast tax revolt in India? When Channar revolt started?- History

Channar Kranti: Dalit women’s fight for their ‘right to cover their breasts’You must have heard the name of Nangeli. The brave woman of Kerala who cut her breasts, decorated them on banana leaves and presented them to the government servant in protest against the ‘breast tax’ tradition. Nangeli was not the only one to raise …

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Why is Adi Shankaracharya famous? I History I Facts I Jayanti

about aadi guru shankracharya jayanti

It is certainly astonished that a young child has entered the knowledge of Vedas, Upanishads in just 2 years old and enter renunciation in age of 7 years old Age. But it is said that behind every successful man there is a hand of some woman, then the credit for becoming a Shankaracharya also goes …

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