Why Bhangarh Fort is famous? – know amazing facts and History

Everyone tells Bhangarh Fort to be haunted and people are afraid to go to this fort alone. Everyone wants to know what is inside this fort. Today we will talk about the history and interesting facts of this fort.

Why Bhangarh Fort is famous? - know amazing facts and History
Bhangarh Fort

Why Bhangarh Fort is famous?

Bhangarh Fort is situated on the border of Sariska Sanctuary between the Aravalli Hills in Alwar district of Rajasthan. This fort is famous all over the country for its haunting discussions and incidents.

This fort remains in the discussion due to more haunting stories than its texture and beauty. The ruins of the palace are situated on the lower slopes of the hills in the Bhangarh Fort, situated near the village of Gola. The pond area of ​​this fort is surrounded by trees and a natural stream fall into the pond within the premises of the palace. The villages are now far away from this fort due to the fear of incidents and discussions of ghostly experiences in the premises of the fort.

History of Bhangarh Fort

Famous for haunting incidents, this fort was established in the year 1573 AD by Raja Bhagwant Das of Amer for his second son Mado Singh. Mado Singh was the younger brother of Emperor Akbar’s general Man Singh. Madho Singh had made it his residence in the year 1613 AD. After Madho Singh, his son Chhatra Singh took the administration here under his control and started ruling.

In the year 1722 AD, Hari Singh of the same dynasty took over the throne of the rule here, with which the brightness of Bhangarh gradually started decreasing. Ajab Singh, son of Chhatra Singh, had built Ajabgarh, located near Bhangarh.

During the rule of Aurangzeb, he had committed a lot of atrocities on the Hindus, due to which both the sons of Harisingh adopted Islam under pressure. Who later came to be known as Mohammad Kulij and Mohammad Dahleez. When these two brothers became Muslims and the hold on Aurangzeb’s rule loosened, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur killed them and captured Bhangarh in 1720 AD. Later, the population started decreasing gradually, while the city was completely abandoned after the famine in 1783.

Interesting Facts of Bhangargh Fort

  1. According to history, this fort remained inhabited for about 300 years after its construction and has seen many battles. About 10,000 people used to live inside it.
  2. According to a popular story related to this fort, Ratnavati, a princess of this fort, had fallen in the heart of a tantrik Sindhu Sevada and she resorted to tantrik to get the princess, which the princess came to know and that tantrik had to give it to her. Death sentence was given for this, but before dying, the tantrik cursed the people of this fort, due to which this fort and all the people living in it were cursed.
  3. According to this story, after the death of the tantrik, a fierce battle took place in Ajabgarh and Bhangarh and all the people living in the fort and princess Ratnavati were killed. It is believed that even today the souls of those who died in this fort roam and scream.
  4. The Indian government has barred the entry of people in this fort and surrounding areas after sunset after the claims of people living around inside the Bhangarh fort and seeing incidents like ghosts and tantriks.
  5. To understand this secret of Bhangarh Fort, many times scientists, paranormal experts, intellectuals did a lot of research here but they could not get rid of its mystery.
  6. Due to these mysterious incidents, a board has been put up at the entrance of the fort by the Archaeological Department to declare it as ghost, according to which entry into the fort is prohibited before sunrise and after sunset.
  7. People living around here claim that even today at night there are loud sounds of someone crying and shouting from the fort.
  8. The main structures of this fort include its famous temples, in which Lord Someshwar Temple, Gopinath Temple, Mangala Devi Temple and Keshav Rai Temple are prominent.
  9. The workmanship of Bhangarh Fort is also highly appreciated, ranging from strong stones in its texture, beautiful craftsmanship, handicrafts on the stones are clearly visible.
  10. Due to having so many scary and popular stories about this fort, thousands of tourists from all over the country and abroad come to visit here every day. Many big TV channels have made serials, movies and tele series related to this scary place.

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