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Cleopatra is recorded in history as such a mysterious personality whose mystery has not yet stopped unraveling. She is said to have been clever, scheming and cruel more than she was beautiful and sexy. She had sexual relations with several men. She used to trap kings and military officers by tying them under the spell of her beauty. Historians believe that he committed suicide by biting himself at the site of his chest with a snake and some believe that he died of drug abuse.


The Three Powers of Rome:

Cleopatra was considered the richest and most beautiful woman in the world. She was the rival of three powerful men—Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, and Octavian. Julius Caesar helped her become queen of Egypt.

Many artists created many paintings and sculptures on Cleopatra’s appearance and her drunkenness. She became so popular in literature that writers of many languages ​​made her heroine in their works. In English literature, 3 playwrights—Shakespeare, Dryden and Bernard Shaw—expanded many aspects of her personality in their plays. Many films have also been made on Cleopatra. Cleopatra was also related to India. They used to buy India’s hot spices, muslin and pearl ships in the port of Alexandria.

She known five languages:

It is said that Cleopatra had knowledge of 5 languages ​​and she was a shrewd leader. This was the reason that she used to connect with anyone very quickly and knew all his secrets and due to this she had relations with hundreds of men. It is very interesting what nothing Cleopatra had to do to save her rule and her existence.

The last ruler of the Pharaoh dynasty:

It is said that Cleopatra ruled Egypt from 51 BC to 30 BC. She was the last pharaoh to rule Egypt. Research continues to date as to whether she was African, Caucasian or Greek.

It is said that when Cleopatra was 17 years old, her father died. According to her father’s will, she and her younger brother Ptolemy Dionysus received the kingdom jointly and she was to be his brother’s wife according to Egyptian custom, but as a result of the struggle for the throne she had to flee the kingdom to Syria.

With Julius Caesar:

Cleopatra did not lose courage. At the same time, Julius Caesar came to Egypt in pursuit of his enemy Pompey. There he saw Cleopatra and he fell in love with her beauty and intoxicating eyes. After being ensnared by Cleopatra’s beauty, he agreed to fight on her behalf and make her the queen of Egypt.

Julius Caesar fought with Ptolemy and Ptolemy was killed and Cleopatra sat on the throne of Egypt. According to the ancient practice of Egypt, she started ruling together with another of her younger brothers, but soon she poisoned her younger brother. Her sister Arsinoe was also murdered on Cleopatra’s orders.

Cleopatra’s relationship with Julius Caesar:

It is believed that Roman Emperor Julius Caesar had a mistress. A son was also born to him, but the Romans did not like this relation in any way. The Roman public continued to oppose this relation.

Cleopatra’s relationship with Julius Caesar

Mark Anthony, the general of the Roman ruler Julius Caesar, is believed to have fallen in love with Cleopatra. He was intoxicated by her beauty. When Cleopatra learned of this, the two spent the winter together in Alexandria. It is said that he had 3 children from Anthony. Documents show that they both married later, although they were already married. Together with Anthony, he also minted coins jointly in Egypt.

Cleopatra accompanied Anthony when he opposed his successor, Gaius Octavian Caesar, after the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. Together they planned to take on the Roman Empire, but both were defeated by Octavian’s forces.

Cleopatra’s Escape:

Cleopatra fled from the battlefield to Alexandria with 60 of her ships. Anthony also ran after him and joined him. Later, at the behest of Octavian, Cleopatra betrays Anthony. At the behest of Octavian, she agreed to kill Anthony. Anthony was coaxed by her to die together and she took him to the mausoleum she had built. There Anthony ended his life under the delusion that Cleopatra had committed suicide.

Cleopatra’s death a mystery:

Cleopatra was working on a plan to regain the power of Egypt by trapping Octavian in her form and saving her own life. But according to legend, Octavian did not fall for Cleopatra’s trap and killed her with a stinger. Then she was 39 years old. But is it true? Egypt became part of the Roman Empire after Cleopatra’s death.

Although some people believe that she did not betray Anthony. He committed suicide by being bitten by a snake in front of Anthony, and when Antony saw that Cleopatra was dead, he also committed suicide, because they knew that we would be killed by Octavian or his soldiers anytime.

Death due to drug abuse:

A German researcher has claimed that the famous ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra did not die of snakebite, but of drug overdose.

Christoph Schaefer, historian and professor at the University of Trier, claims in his modern research that he died due to the consumption of a mixture of opium and hemlock. Cleopatra died in August 30 BC and it has always been believed that she died from the bite of a cobra snake.

The newspaper ‘Telegraph’ quoted Christoff as saying, ‘Empress Cleopatra was famous for her beauty and it is unlikely that she would have allowed herself to become ugly while waiting for death.’ Christophe, who visited the Egyptian city of Alexandria, studied several ancient medical texts there and consulted snake experts. He says, ‘Cleopatra wanted to remain beautiful even at the time of death to maintain her myth.’

He said, ‘Cleopatra may have consumed a mixture of opium, hemlock and other substances. In those days, this solution was drunk for painless death within a few hours, whereas in case of snakebite, many times it took several days for the life to come out.

Cleopatra Caucasian or African:

It has long been believed that the former queen of Egypt was of Greek descent, but experts have determined, based on her sister’s remains, that her siblings were half-African. This means that Cleopatra was not of Greek Caucasian race, but half African.

In the past the BBC screened a documentary on it, Cleopatra ‘Portrait of a Killer’. It analyzes the discoveries of human remains in a tomb in Ephesus, Turkey. After conducting an anthropological and architectural study of the tomb with forensic techniques, experts agreed that the ossuary found contained the remains of Princess Arsinoe, Cleopatra’s sister.

Heike Thuyer, an archaeologist at the Austrian Academy of Sciences who led the study team, said that the investigation showed that Arsinoe’s mother was an African. The revelation is truly sensational, shedding new light on Cleopatra’s family and the relationship between Cleopatra and Arsinoe.

Donkey’s milk for beauty:

Cleopatra is mentioned in history as a very beautiful youth and for this she used donkey’s milk. He takes about 700 rupees everyday for his bath.

She used to ask for donkey’s milk, so that her skin remained beautiful. This has been proved in recent research.

According to a study conducted in Turkey, during a research, when rats were fed cow’s and donkey’s milk, the rats drinking cow’s milk appeared more obese. From this it is clear that donkey’s milk contains less fat than cow’s milk, which is better in every respect. Then wherever the queen is, she will surely like it.

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