How to find reality in life?

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How to find reality in life?
Finding Reality in the world
  1. You must know the system of your body, you must know your capabilities, you must know your intentions, and you must also know what is happening in the locality, the community, the country, on the entire planet, and in the entire universe. If you know all these things, imaginations remain in check. Otherwise, a mind bereft of facts is very susceptible to imagination .
  2. Everything that you call being behind the choice, is just a rationalization, a justification for the choice. There is nothing behind the choice. There is just a choice.
  3. Don’t you see that the fulfillment of your wants, is probably a bigger curse than the unfulfillment ?
  4. Live lightly through life. Something is there with you today, next day obviously, it won’t be there. Even you won’t be there tomorrow, what to say of your possessions?
  5. Remember the principle: You become the one you look towards. You become the one you look up to. You become the one who occupies your mind. You become the one who occupies your time.
  6. Shelters are nutrition to weakness. The more shelter you give to yourself, the more you will be identified with your weaknesses.
  7. There is nothing at all wrong with being whatever you are- tall, short, good, bad, man, woman qualified, unqualified, read, unread, achiever, non-achiever. Everything is just okay. It is not even okay, it is irrelevant! The universe is indifferent to your qualifications. What is not okay is hiding, pretending, rejecting, or suppressing.
  8. The quality of your profession is defined by the quality of your life in it; not by the amount of sales you generate, not the kind of respect society gives you for being in that profession. And quality of life is not just about how much money it gives you. It is about the love with which you can come to it, the energy that you can give to it.
  9. Whenever you will do something that is worthwhile, it would be characterized by a shakeup, a tumult in your life. And that is the reason now you know, why so few people do anything that is Truthful!
  10. If you are all the time thinking of somebody, then you have become dependent on that person for your mental sustenance. Now you will not let him go away, now you will not let him be free. Because, now he is necessary for you, to mentally survive.
  11. Vigor that has peace at its center has an unmatched quality: It has ferocity of desire as well as the relaxation of contentment. When these two come together, then you are living fully!
  12. There are only two places where we spend our time-home, and work. Wrong home! Wrong workplace! And then one is desirous of spiritual salvation! What salvation can come to you? Half of the time is being spent at home, where there is conflict. The other half at a workplace, where you should not be at all. And then you want to recite some mantras and do some yoga. What would the mantra and the yoga do?
  13. Life is not some imaginary quantity somewhere. What you are doing from morning till evening is life. And if your life is full of delays, procrastinations, gossips, worries, tensions, then that is what you are living. And nothing good can come out of this kind of a climate.
  14. Human beings are the only species that need to be born twice: Firstly in the biological sense and then more importantly in the psychological sense.
  15. The problem is not that the person hurts you, or the person dominates you, or the person creates problems for you. The flaw is that you are allowing that person to become too central and too important for you.
  16. Don’t leave things as they are. Don’t say that you go with the flow Don’t say that life will take care of things or that experience will correct things on its own. No, life will not at all take care of things. No, age and experience will not make corrections in you by themselves. You require a steely resolve. Otherwise, you can live for forty thousand years-nothing will change. Our default state is foolishness. We need to work hard for greatness.
  17. The Upanishads are an attempt to save man from himself because we do not require somebody else to harm us. We do not require any external enemies- we are self – slayers. We are our own worst enemies.
  18. The hurt is not coming from the loved ones, the hurt is coming from the shallow nature of the love itself. It is not the loved one that hurts, it is your fake love that hurts. Kindly do not unnecessarily put the blame on somebody else.
  19. It is only with the eyes of Truth that you see the false as false. So, when you see a lot of falseness around you celebrate! It means now you are in Truth, without being in Truth how would you ever see falseness as falseness?
  20. Spirituality is for the one who will not compromise. If you are a well – adjusted man, a socially compromised man, then spirituality is not for you. At least not till the day when you feel nauseatic; when you feel repentant about yourself. Feeling alright? Stay alright!
  21. Once a mind has been captured by fear, it becomes impossible for us to know the reality because an afraid mind cannot look directly. You cannot understand anything when you are afraid.
  22. A work is worth doing if it liberates you. If it doesn’t liberate you, it is going against the overall purpose of life; and you will have only more suffering as a punishment.
  23. Whatever is the quality of your life, that is also the quality of your anger. When life is genuine, then anger is also genuine. When life is fake, then all you have is fake anger. When life has depth, then anger too has depth. When life is shallow, then anger is just poking and pinching.
  24. Whenever you get hurt or disappointment from anything in this world, do not focus so much on that thing because the thing did nothing really to hurt you. Look at yourself.
  25. You do not get angry at anything other than your own expectations. When they are defeated, when they are frustrated, when your expectations are not fulfilled, that is the situation you call as anger.
  26. To love is to see that the other is in trouble; to love is to extend a helping hand. Love is not about admiring somebody’s physicality, or using someone for some means. Love has to be an exercise in compassion.
  27. If you have relationship problems, turn within, look at yourself. Do not look at that man or that relationship. Turn within. The solution lies there.
  28. Pride and jealousy are dual images of each other. Pride is active ego, jealousy is passive. Both are domination , insecurity, and pettiness.
  29. Be very innocent, there can never be a right reason to do the obviously wrong thing. And the craft, the skill of mind lies in inventing, very convincing reasons for acts that are patently foolish.
  30. Work is life itself. Work is the most important, most dominant overwhelming component of your life, It will take away all your time. Work is life. And if you do not love your work, then actually you will hate life. Because work is life.

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