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If there is anybody who has a negative relationship with you, is only because you sanctioned it. Stop sanctioning it and the other will have no control, no power over you.

No one can you captive without your consent. Every instance of bondage is a business deal; it is a commercial transaction. You are accepting slavery so that you may get something in return.

Truth is that which will never make you suffer, which will never let you down. Stay only with that,depend only on that. Do not place your confidence is anything or anybody else, and least of all in yourself.

A work is worth doing if it liberates you. If it doesn’t liberate you, it is going against the overall purpose of life; and you will have only more suffering as a punishment.

Much of the gaming industry,why does it exist? You are losing the game of life; it is a convenient substitute to win a few cheap games on the screen.

The upnishads are an attempt to save man from himself because we do not require somebody else to harm us. We do not require any external enemies- we are self-slayers. We are our own worst enemies.

Be with the anxiety, don’t fight the anxiety. You know what, anxiety too has a certain deep joy contained in it. If you do not know anxiety, then you do not know life. So, when anxiety arrives, welcome as one welcomes any guest who is about to leave in a day or two.

If you really love somebody, do not make yourself important for that person. Let the Truth be important. That is the action of Love.

Smallness is justified by numbers. The moment even one person defies smallness, and move towards greatness unreasonably, there is a commotion in the crowd of the small ones. They feel humiliated. Because the conclusion is so obvious: If it was possible for one man to move towards greatness, it was possible everybody.

There is no end to diversity; if you cannot see the commonness behind stuff, the oneness behind things, then you will be consumed by the count.

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