How to choose the right things in Life?

The wise one remembers what has enabled him to create this pillar, this sky, these birds, that brook, the tree, that road, that kid, that man, that woman, time, space, buildings, money, attractions, detractions, victories, losses. “Who has given light to my eyes? Who has given comprehension to my intellect? Mere flesh could not have experienced all that I do, or can it?”

I mean, you take in just material food coming up from soil, don’t you? How does that material food turn into a conscious brain? How do grains and cereals start comprehending the Bhagavad Gita? You know that you are not responsible and that grain is not responsible either. It’s something beyond your body and beyond your food. Soil cannot gain consciousness on its own, or can it?

Then comes gratitude: I am physically just soil. But see how this soil dances in me, see how much this soil is able to know, learn, experience, love. I am so thankful!

So, you know that this body really holds any meaning only by virtue of consciousness. Otherwise, the body has no value at all. The day the body is bereft of consciousness, you don’t want to keep it even for a few hours—even if the body belongs to a greatly loved one. Consciousness is gone, what to do with the body? Throw it away.

How to choose the right things in Life?
How to choose the right things in Life

Just admit that consciousness is not physical. And that itself fills you up with such blissful gratitude; you are relieved of a great tension. And then you know how to live, then you know what relationship to have with things around you. Then yours will be a very selective and exclusive world.

‘Exclusive’ means excluding. You’ll have only such stuff around you that serves to express your gratitude towards Brahman who blessed you with consciousness. “I’ll have only such stuff around me that constantly reminds me of Him, which means I’ll have only such relationships that lead me to Liberation.” Brahman is another name for Liberation or Freedom.

“All this comes from Brahman in an indirect way. Actually, I am responsible for all this. If I am responsible for all this, why should I not paint a better picture around myself? Is that not obvious? If I have been given the right to choose, why can’t I choose wisely? If I have been given a brush and a canvas, why can’t I paint something beautiful? Why do I need to live a botched up life? Why do I need to go through nonsense every day? I can get better right now.”

“Strength and choice!” these lines are shouting at you. “You have the power to choose. Come on now! Why have you turned yourself into such a wreck? This surely is not your destiny. You have it. Just exercise your power.”

source credit –Acharya prashant

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