Life without Meditation is surely tortured!

Meditation is being discussed. “Contemplation is the selective consideration of the psyche fixed on the import delivered undeniable through tuning in and thinking.” So, since the heard word has finished the assessment of reason, you have confidence in it, correct? It has gotten for itself a specific validity. You heard it, you analyzed it, you think that it is sensible, so it has some weight. In this way, you can give yourself to it considerably more.

Life without the meditativeness is surely tortured!
Life without Meditation is surely tortured!

Contemplation, then, at that point, is to focus on, and center around what that sentence is talking about. Furthermore, because all of this is being alluded to in a profound climate, consequently, the sentence that you are hearing has Truth as its import. What else do you hear in an otherworldly milieu? All sentences that arrangement with Truth. In this way, Truth is the import of the sentence. Reflection is the brain going to just to the Truth.

In this way, a sentence about the Truth came to you. Most importantly, you made yourself actually and erotically accessible to hear. If you are not accessible, if your ears are not open, then, at that point, the actual starting won’t happen. In this way you, first of all, let the sentence be heard, then, at that point, you fundamentally analyzed the sentence and said, “At the degree of reason, the sentence seems significant, commendable, and adequate to be taken forward.” And then you contemplate it; you said, “Right, the sentence is discussing Truth. What is this Truth? I see its significance, I see its all-out significance. How might I be accessible to it?” And the more you continue on this line, the more you observe that you are deficient. Along these lines, you give a greater amount of yourself to this interaction.

Looking for the Truth requests every one of your assets. Furthermore, when every one of your assets is requested, then you pull out your assets from somewhere else. Chasing after the Truth is a goliath undertaking; you should pool in all that you have. In this way, you should get back to your powers from the different fronts they are conveyed at. You will say, “You excessively come in, you excessively come in. Every one of you is required here. Something vital is going on here. You know, we are chasing after the Truth, and that requires all that I have and significantly more.”

Thus, the consideration is, then, select. All your different issues drop. You can’t be parallel, all the while connected with Truth and something different. On the off chance that you are locked in with Truth and something different, you won’t have the energy to do equity to the Truth.

What’s more, in the opposition between Truth and something different, something different will constantly win. There is an unmistakable explanation: that something different is nearly nothing, so it can endure even with your little devotion. That something different is a little, fair, so how much consideration does it require? Little, little. What amount does Truth require? Everything.

Suppose you have ten units of assets, and there is Truth and there is something different. Something different necessities only one unit of your assets; it is a little, economical. Truth requires each of the ten units that you have. What’s more, you say, “Goodness, I am significantly devoted towards the Truth. I will give nine units to the Truth and one unit to something different.” In your computation, you have extraordinarily preferred the Truth, have you not? You are giving nine units to Truth and only one unit to something different. You are saying “I love the Truth 9:1.”

Be that as it may, what have you finished? That something different will endure because one unit is adequate for it. The truth will fade away. Your quest for Truth will be cut short since Truth requires each of the ten. Indeed, even nine is profoundly inadequate. That seemingly insignificant detail requires nearly nothing. Give it one, it will continue to thrive. In this manner, the Upanishad says selective consideration. It can’t be the Truth and something different.

Then, samādhi. The duality between meditator and reflection is gone; the duality between the subject and item is gone; the duality between the self-image and Truth is no more. The self-image has become so captivated by the Truth that horrible its own identity is ready. “I need That, I am taking a gander at That, so I have lost all track of myself. Do I exist? I exist now just corresponding to That.”

Most importantly, in this way different connections are cut off. You say, “I exist just according to That. That is my main character. Who am I? Something connected with That.” Everything else drops off. Furthermore, gradually, you even quit saying that you are connected with That; there comes a moment that you say, “I’m That.”

In the first place, how are you and what do you say? You continue to say, “I’m connected with this, I am connected with that, I have 1,000 connections.” That’s the stage in the first place. What happens while subsequent to hearing and thinking and contemplation, you stay related exclusively to That? Different connections tumble off, since, in such a case that you are to seek after That, then That requires all that you have. In the event that you give all that you have to That, different things will clearly be disheartened, and they will all move turned off and leave.

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Thus, presently you have just a single relationship. From 100 connections, you are left with one, lastly, even if one relationship has no more remaining parts a relationship, it turns into an association. In this way, “I’m not connected with That. I’m That. I’m connected with the hundred, then, at that point, I am connected with only one, then I am the One.” That’s the cycle.

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