40 Great Leadership and Teamwork Quotes in English

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How would you describe a strong leader? According to a study, a good, strong leader is only one who has the qualities of conscientiousness, assertiveness, adaptability and intelligence! A leader is a person who does his work in such a way that others follow him and the society benefits from the actions of a leader. …

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Five most powerful life changing quotes if you actually want!

Only two kinds of associations are right in this world. If you associate with someone who is at a higher level of conciousness. then hold his hand so that he can uplift you. And if you associate with someone who is at a lower level of conciousness, then hold his hand to uplift him. Any …

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waht is meaning of Complete Knowledge?

Complete knowledge does not mean a lot of information: complete knowledge does not mean that you have become a super Google. Complete knowledge is a different center of life altogether. When it comes to information, you will never have total, whole, and absolute information; not possible. But when it comes to living totally, wholly, aboslutely, …

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Observe The fear!

Fear is never reasonless,or purposeless,messageless. It tells you of your insecurities.It tells you where you are not real. It tells you of your vurnerabilities. If you do not listen to fear will keep assuming that you are all solid and strong. It’s only fear that would drive a little humility into you. Otherwise, you can …

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Past is not for regret, it’s opportunity to gain experiences.

Quotes of life changing

Paste is our Resource to gain experience: The past is a great resource;it is not to be wasted awayor thrown away or forgotten. If you do not reallydecode your past,you are bound torepeat your past. If you have not beenable to unravel your past,then you will simplyrelive your past. Remember the doer;remember the deed. If …

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Teach your kids these things for mentally strong.

Teach the kids that they are not just prakriti(nature). Teach the boys and girls that they do not exist to dance to the tunes of the body and the brain. Teach them that they are not chemicals to react to other chemicals called Hormones. Unless you teach them this beyondness,every successive generation will be heavier, …

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Love is about letting yourself absolutely free!/Meaning of Love!

Love is freedom! Love is not about trying to find love. Love is about letting yourself absolutely free! That is it! Love is not object based. Love is not about, β€œI love this person or I love this work or I love this book.” Love is your inner state of mind. Do you know what …

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Who stop me to going ahead?

The Tyrant is no more sitting outside, the tyrant is sitting within. It is part of our ego, It’s controlling us from inside. If the tyrant is sitting within and if want freedom,then the real battle has to be internal rather than external.