Israel has invented world first Laser Defence System tested successfully

Israel has created such an air defense system named Iron Beam which destroys incoming missiles, fighter aircraft and other air threats in the air. For this the system uses a powerful laser. The Iron Beam is manufactured by the Israeli weapons company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

Israel has successfully tested the Iron Beam System.

It can destroy missiles, rockets, anti-tank missiles and even drones in the air. It is a Direct Energy Weapon System, which can kill long distances. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett posted a video on Twitter informing about the successful test of the Iron Beam system.

Naftali Bennett wrote in his tweet, β€˜Israel has successfully tested the new β€œIron Beam” laser interception system. It is the world’s first energy-based weapon system that uses lasers to shoot UAVs, rockets and mortars, costing $3.50 per shot. It may sound like science fiction, but it is real.’

Iron beam works on fiber laser system–

Naftali Bennett said that the Israeli military would start using this system within a year. Explain that the Iron Beam system works on a fiber laser system to destroy any target present in the air. Israel has said that this system works against rocket fire with an interception rate of 90 percent.

Iron beam system is cheaper than iron dome–

Israel is the country in the world which has the best air defense system. Israel faces the threat of attack from Palestine and other neighboring countries. The Iron Dome system is so accurate that it destroys even rockets and mortar shells in the air. However, a lot of money has to be spent for this.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said someone from Gaza could fire rockets at Israel. It costs him a few hundred dollars for this. At the same time, the missile is used by Israel’s Iron Dome system to destroy that rocket in the air, which costs thousands of dollars. The Iron Beam System is the solution to this problem. With its help, it costs only $3.50 to destroy a target.

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