How to know whether a decision is right or wrong in life ?

What is right for one is wrong for other. Nature has given everyone the right to choose. Whose are we criticize the decision of others?

Right or wrong are not decided in the context of others. You are right, nobody has the right to lable a person or person’s decision-making as right or wrong. it does not mean that there is nothing called a right decision or a wrong decision.

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Understand it simply. What is that we all fundamentally want?

We want Peace, Relaxation, Contentment and we do not want to be tense.

Ever seen anyone who enjoy being dissatisfied or diminished or hurt or angry? What is it that we all want? What is the common, universal need among humans?

Peace and Contentment. Nobody wants to be sad. We want a subtle joyful state of consciousness, and we all want that irrespective of the country we come from, irrespective of our age, our gender, our religion, our ethnicity. Nobody wants to be sad. Nobody wants to feel hurt.

So, if that our core need, then you should know when to call a dicision right and when to call one wrong. If your dicision lead to peace, joy, and contentment for you, then they are right. Otherwise, they are wrong.

And this dicision regarding a choice being right or wrong obviously is not coming from others; it is about your own inner self. What is the impact of your choice on your life? That is what you must look at. Are your choice making you more insecure, anxious, jealous, unsetteled, restless? Then it would be dishonest to call these as right choice for you. And it is not in a relative sense; it is not as if one choice that is right for this person will be right for the other one also.

However, as we cautioned earlier, it doesn’t mean that any choice is all right. There is definetly something called a right choice and ther is definetly something called a wrong choice, and you have to be very careful because choices determine your life.

Next question arise that nature has given everyone to decide. Yes, that is true, and equally nature has given everyone the right to decide foolishly. Remember that it is just a right. A right is an option: you may choose to exercise it, or you may choose not to.

Unfortunately, most people so not choose to exercise this option wisely, What is the option all about? The option is: you could choose either from your heartful intelligence, or you could choose and decide from your conditioned self.

Choosing, deciding, acting from your condioned self is apparently easy because it hardly requires any effort. Therfore, most people allow their life, actions, thoughts, decisions, everything to come from their conditioned centres. It feels comfortable.

But then, the option to operate from the centre of heartful intelligence is available. That is what brings joy and contentment to you. That is what brings liberation to you. But that option is scarcely chosen because there is a price to pay, and few people want to pay that price. We are lazy and stingy. We don’t want to pay the price, so we don’t go for the right option.

When you say that nature has given everyone the right to choose, remember that the right is often not exercised wisely. It is upon you to make good use of the right, the power vested in you.

You could choose either from your heartful intelligence, or you could choose and decide from your conditioned self.

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