Such a gadget will detect diseases by sensing the pulse I what is it?

The day is not far when Ayurveda will have instruments for pulse testing like allopathy’s stethoscope. This device will not only count the pulse and the heartbeat, but also by calculating the changes in the pulse on the basis of six measures like speed, force, rhythm, movement, sama/nirama and organ energy, the nature of Vata, Kapha and Pitta in the body can be known. Tax will also tell the condition of health.

The device is a wristband with sensors that will do a full calculation in a minute. The band is connected to an app on which the information will come. Also, its machine will give a complete report like ECG in 10 seconds.

wrist band

Who is invented this medical equidment for everyone?

This pulse test equipment has been prepared by Kajal Srivastava, Electronics and Communication Engineer, resident of Basdila, Kushinagar. This band, formed after four years of research, is working with 97 percent accuracy in the beta test (random test) being done with AYUSH practitioners. Talks are going on with Banaras Hindu University (BHU) for its clinical trial. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have praised the prototype of the band at the Startup Summit in Delhi in 2019.

Seeing the usefulness of the equipment, the Ministry of Biotechnology, Government of India had given a grant of about Rs 46.79 lakh for band manufacturing under the Biotechnology Grant Scheme. After the construction, the Uttar Pradesh government has given a grant of seven and a half lakh rupees for marketing in March 2022. Kajal said that the patent for the band has been applied for in the year 2020. The pre-booking of the band is going on on the website. The band will hit the market in a year. Its price has been kept at Rs 15,000.

Living with Ayurvedacharya KM Srivastava, Kajal realized that Ayurvedic medicine has the ability to understand people of different nature physically, mentally and spiritually. People are not able to trust because they do not have reports like ECG or MRI in this mode. In such a situation, Kajal started β€˜Nadi Plus’ startup in September-2018 for experimental verification and moved towards connecting Ayurveda with modern technology.

Kajal had decided to make pulse testing equipment in the third year itself, while pursuing her BTech from Abdul Kalam Technological University (AKTU), Lucknow, but she was looking for someone who could teach her how to do pulse testing. After eight months of searching, Kajal met Dr. Neelam in Ahmedabad and Dr. Vasant in Pune. By learning to test the pulse from them, the BTech daughter formed the band.

band that studies pulse changes–

The system of medicine in Ayurveda is based on Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The disease present or possible in the body is seen in these three forms. These changes are measured by pulse rate, force, rhythm, movement, sama/nirama and organ energy. When tied in the wrist, the band prepares a report by studying these measurements.

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