Children easily focused in sports, but why are they unable to concentrate in studies?

Hello friends, today I have come again with the answer to the questions related to a mental state. I hope you will read it from beginning to end so that you can understand your mental state.

Parents often think that my child is very focused in jumping, performs very well, but when it comes to building the personality of his life, that is, when it comes to studies, the children are not able to concentrate. Why does this happen?

These questions definitely arise in the mind of everyone’s parents, but even if they do, what should they do because they do not even know the reason for this? If you are reading this post, then let me tell you that if you want to understand the reason behind it, then definitely read from beginning to end. I will explain you with example. Have patience.

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Everything is not happen according to their personality, you can not change the habit easily that has been made for years,

You would say that as a parent, he should not be given direction?

You have to see that it does not move here and there. Look, everyone has the same direction. You will understand this. The direction of everyone is the same, what is that? Peace. Peace to come. Which is called coming towards the center, coming towards the truth. Yes, but it is that personality is different for everyone.

So everyone has to come towards the center according to their own personality. A path which is good for one may not be right for another.

Suppose there is a painter and there is a cricketer, both are trying the same thing. What are they trying? He gets what he wants. Because the one who is a cricketer has to come through the path of a cricketer, the one who is a painter has to come through the medium of painting. But they both want to come towards the same center. So now with whatever kind of biological material your baby is born with, he has to move accordingly, you don’t see how his direction is in comparison to others, you have to see that his direction takes him towards the center is taking or not. You cannot compare a painter with a cricketer.

And what you want is very easy. You give him a little bit of greed, scare him, he will start to concentrate. But remember one thing, the one who once started working out of fear, now he will do everything out of fear. If you scare him or else he won’t even work. The one who once started working in greed, now he will do everything in greed.

There was a man, he was teaching his dog to pick up the ball. Now the dog is not much attracted to the ball, and even then he has no intention of running away by picking up the ball and taking the ball to the owner. This is the hobby of the owner. Now what with the ball to the dog! Even if he has to go near the ball, he has to kick a little here and there, move his face, it’s over.

So what did the owner do? He started placing a bone near the ball. Keep one bone near the ball, and keep the other bone near your feet. So when the dog goes near the first bone, he finds the ball there. He sucked on the bone. Then he should be motivated to “pick up the ball, pick up the ball”. Then he picks up the ball, and if he sees the other bone near the owner, then go there. So in this way he learned that the ball has to be picked up and taken to the owner. One day the owner forgot to keep the bone. Now he is searching for the bone, what does that have to do with the ball?

So the one whom you once taught to work in the greed of bone, what will he ask every time now? bone.

Will ask for a bone. So it is better to take a slightly longer route. Let him see what to do. You just introduce him to the truth. he will find his own way

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