Does Masturbation decrease height? Is Masturbation cause memory loss?

Hello my dear readers, I hope you will be well. Thanks to visit my new Blog Post. This is a specificic post who face problem in his adult life of Mastubation. and If you want to know How to Leave Masturbation?

In this post, I am going to share a real story of my friend who fall in doing Masturbation. He shared me his story of four years. He was masturbating for four years. I can’t take here his name you can imagine any name of that guys. I share his experience of how spent his life four years to doing masturbation.

how to leave masturbation

How was he starting masturbate? So read fully it. Because if you facing or experience these situation, then you can read. if you not facing this issue or not exprience this type of moment. Then you can leave this post. I already said, this is not a story. It is feelings of him.

Why am I going to share it?

Because He want that No one may repeat these type of fault in his entire life to know this truth. Otherwise it’s result is so awful. Which is going to share with you. So let’s start. I am going to say in his own words. When I was in 10th standard. I was well in study like an average student but I have also understanding for society and family and for My country. I got well teachers also. I always want to do something extraordinary. And I want to help the society.

But accidently, My life turned into ditch. And My all vision has lost for doing a mistake. I am going st share how enter addiction in my happy life. How affected my life. it is started when a uncle came to my home that’s my relative. His phone was charging. That time, I have no any smartphone. Then I excited to playing game in mobile. And I was exploring photos and videos, then I got adult videos. I shocked to watch, after it. I kept his phone. But after 5-6moths later I got a new smartphone from my parents. After some months happen well in life.

Accidently, some adult photos excited our mind to explore more these type of photos on internet. I spent many time in Alone. At a night I started to watching more photos and videos on internet. After it started my first very bad moments from that time. I was started masturbation daily. No one know about it. It happened 3years regularly. I always taking oath to take away from it but I was unable to leave it. In this journey,I am saying my painful situation.

When I masturbate again and again. I done it 3-4 times in a day. You only imagine what have situation. Accidently I feel that our mind is paining too much. But I can’t say it anyone. And I also see that our body growth is stopped. I amazed to feel it. I feel so lazy and weakness in our body. But I was always try to leave it. But when I see some adult photos or video on social media. Our mind think of higher level of adult video. I mean hard pornography. I unable to stop myself. I lost my energy fully.

Is Masturbation cause memory loss?

It is not affect only body, It mainely affected the brain. You can imagine, I felt a lot of pain and our mind got dull. I unable to think on any new topics. And our mind diverted to main work. And also got that our body growth has stopped. So it is also cause of memory loss.

I was studying Intermediate that time. But I completed from well marks in intermediate from science stream. I want to be best in study but my bad habit stopped me. And I repent so much now. I feel occassionally, I am feeling for sucide that time. That’s moments is so awful. But I had some truth with me that always help me to fight this habit.

And I Promise to myself to leave this habit,Then I searched videos on YouTube to How to leave this habit. And I collected more information about it. And I got a best way for leave this habit.

I got that way is Brahmcharya. Only this way can help to reduce this habit. And I tried to watching and listen and reading spritual stories. And I obeyed to Brhmchrya. I connected to spritual institute for gain truth of life. What is wrong and what is right in life. And now I gain strength to fight from this habit. Now I understand meaning of life. And what have to do of my life.

How will you leave it if you facing this addiction?

Now I am going to sharing to get 100% successs to gain mental strength to fight addiction. That addiction is any type like Wine, Cigerete, Sexual Desire, Maturbation or Laziness.

first of all you have to observe what kind of addiction you are facing with yourself. and how affect of your body or mind. Then solution will have started, you take promise to away from negative Environent. And choose a work for being busy in that works, that should be your hobby then will be able to enjoy and you will be busy in that work. And collect all information of that habit like How to started it? and How affected me? then you will be able to reduce any Addiction. You should exercise daily, So that become mentally strong. Yo will have to read well books. Story book and Spritual Books. And always say thanks to God for giving this Human life that is precious. Talks with your good friends and discuss any good topics that related to knowledge. For example Discuss about any facts of world Technology or History. And never leave alone yourself, Becuase that time is when create thoughts related to Addiction.

I give you post link to explore How to affected Body by Masturbation? You can also search on YouTube for more details of Masturbation The name of Channel is Manthunhub. If you want to ask any question then you can send question on my Email-ID is Given

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