What is spirituality? What is Spiritual in Religion?

When the question of spirituality comes, something different comes to everyone’s mind – some consider it an escape from life and some consider itan act of old age. But Actually What is Spirituality? Let’s know it

Spirituality has been an integral part of Indian culture since immemorial time. But over time the misuse of this word increased.

With these few signs, you will understand what spirituality is and what a spiritual person is like?

Nowadays most people in the world, especially the youth, have got some kind of allergy to spirituality. The reason for this is that spirituality is being presented in a very ugly way. People these days take spirituality to mean torturing themselves and living a life of deprivation. People have started to associate it with starvation and begging on the side of the road, and most importantly, spirituality is considered as anti-life or escape from life. People generally believe that spiritual people are forbidden from enjoying life and suffering in every way is necessary. Whereas the truth is that being spiritual has nothing to do with your outer life. Once I got a Question on Quora – β€˜What is the difference between a spiritual and a worldly man?’ My simple answer was – a worldly man earns only his food, and everything else – like happiness, peace, and love, for the sake of pleasure he has to share with others. Have to depend on begging. In contrast, a spiritual person earns his peace, love, and happiness all by himself, and depends only on others for food. But if he wants, he can earn his food too. With these few signs, you will understand what spirituality is and what a spiritual person is like?

What is spirituality?
Sprituality knowledge made a real Human

Spirituality is not about leading a happy life; it’s about leading a real life.

To be spiritual means to be able to experience that which is beyond the physical. If you see in all beings of the universe the same part of the same Supreme Being that is in you, then you are spiritual. If you are aware that no one else is responsible for your suffering, your anger, or your greed, but you are the creator of them, then you are on the spiritual path. Whatever work you do, if it involves the good of all, not just your interest, then you are spiritual. If you have embraced your ego, anger, resentment, greed, jealousy, and prejudices, you are spiritual. Regardless of the external circumstances, if you are always happy and happy inside, then you are spiritual. If you continue to feel that you are insignificant and small in the face of the vastness of this universe, then you are spiritual. If you feel gratitude towards the creation or some supreme being for what you have now, then you are moving towards spirituality. If love blossoms inside you, not only for your loved ones but for all people, then you are spiritual. If you have compassion for all creatures in the universe, then you are spiritual.
To be spiritual means that you know from your experience that I am the source of my joy. Spirituality is not something you do in a temple, mosque, or church. It can happen only inside you. The spiritual process is not about looking up or down.

It’s about looking inside yourself. There is no use in talking or showing off spirituality. This is for self-transformation. The spiritual process is not for the dead or dying people. It is for those who want to live every dimension of life with an active mind.
The spiritual process is like a journey – constant change. We learn to love and enjoy everything in the way of life,

Spirituality is basically for the emancipation of man, to blossom into his ultimate potential. It is not meant to identify itself with any opinion or concept. Spirituality means accelerating the process of one’s growth. If you do not allow external circumstances to influence you, then you are naturally spiritual. Walking the spiritual path means you are on your way to liberation, no matter what your old instincts, your body, and your jeans are. There is unity and uniformity in existence and every human being is unique in himself. Recognizing it and enjoying it is the essence of spirituality.

A spiritual person and a worldly person, both are longing for the same infinity. One is searching for it consciously while the other unconsciously. If you remove your personality, your presence becomes very strong – that is the essence of spiritual practice. When you are at all times aware of your impermanence, you are never distracted in your spiritual pursuit.

If you are completely immersed in any work, then the spiritual process starts there, even if it is sweeping.

Thinking is a product of the mind, it is not knowledge. To be spiritual means to rise above the average – it is the most prudent way to live. For this, one has to do spiritual practice for many lives – such thinking is formed due to a lack of commitment and concentration in most people. Sadhana is a method by which the pace of spiritual development can be accelerated with full awareness. Spirituality is neither a psychological process nor a social one – it is purely related to existence. If you are completely immersed in any work, then the spiritual process starts there, even if it is sweeping. To know something superficially is worldly, and to know the same thing deeply is spirituality.

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