Why We celebrate Parshuram Jayanti? II History I Facts I

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Hello Dear Readers saw the title, So We will describe about History of Lord Parshuram.

What is Parshuram the god of?

He is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to Mahabharata and Vishnu Purana, the original name of Parashurama was Rama, but when Lord Shiva gave him his weapon named Parashu, his name became Parashurama. After the naming ceremony performed by Pitamah Bhrigu, he was called Ram.

Who is Father of Lord Parshuram?

Parashurama was born in Treta Yuga (Ramayana period) to a Brahmin sage. Who is the nineteenth incarnation of Vishnu. According to legend, he was born on Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya from the womb of wife Renuka as a boon of Devraj Indra, pleased with the Putreshti Yagya performed by Maharishi Jamdagni, son of Maharishi Bhrigu, in Janapav mountain of village Manpur in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh.

Father of parshuram, biography of parshuram
Father of Parshuram

How Lord Parshuram got Eductaion?

He got initial education in the ashram of Maharishi Vishwamitra and Richeek, Maharishi Richeek received a divine Vaishnava bow named Sharang and duly indestructible Vaishnava mantra from Brahmarishi Kashyap. Thereafter, after receiving education in the ashram of Lord Shankar situated on the Girishring of Kailash, he received a parashu named Vidyudabhi, a special Divyastra. He also received Trilokya Vijay Kavach, Stavraj Stotra and Mantra Kalpataru from Lord Shiva. Pleased with the difficult austerity performed in Chakratirtha, Lord Vishnu granted him the boon of remaining on the earth for penance after Tejoharan when he became Rama in Treta Age.

Who were his Disciples?

He was a great master of weaponry. He imparted weapons to Bhishma, Dronacharya and Karna. He also cursed Karna. He also wrote “Shiva Panchatvarinshanam Stotra” containing eleven verses. The giver of the desired fruit is Parashurama Gayatri – “Om jamadagnaya vidmahe mahaviraya dhimahi, tannah parshuram: prachodayat.” He was in favor of a lifelong wife vow for men. He also conducted the great women-awakening campaign with the help of Atri’s wife Anasuya, Agastya’s wife Lopamudra and his beloved disciple Akritavan.

Story behind his Birth?

In ancient times, a king named Gaadhi ruled in Kannauj. He had a very beautiful daughter named Satyavati. King Gaadhi married Satyavati with Rishi Bhrigunandan. After the marriage of Satyavati, sage Bhrigu came there and blessed his daughter-in-law and asked her to ask for a boon. On seeing this, Satyavati, seeing her father-in-law happy, begged him for a son for her mother. On Satyavati’s request, Bhrigu sage gave her two charu vessels and said that when you and your mother have taken the Ritu bath, then your mother should embrace the peepal with the son’s wish and you should embrace the sycamore with the same wish. Then consume these Charas given by me separately with caution. Here, when Satyavati’s mother saw that Bhrigu had given her daughter-in-law the Charu to be the best child, she replaced her Charu with her daughter’s Charu. Thus Satyavati consumed her mother’s charu. Bhrigu came to know about this with the power of Yoga and came to his daughter-in-law and said, “Daughter! Your mother has cheated you and consumed your Charu. That is why now your children, being Brahmins, will behave like Kshatriyas and your mother’s children will behave like Brahmins even though they are Kshatriyas. On this Satyavati requested Bhrigu to bless that my son should behave like a Brahmin, even if my grandson behaves like a Kshatriya. Bhrigu was pleased and accepted his request. In due course of time Jamadagni was born from Satyavati’s womb. Jamadagni was very brilliant. When he grew up, he was married to Renuka, the daughter of Prasenjit. He had five sons from Renuka, whose names were – Rukmavan, Sukhena, Vasu, Vishwanas and Parashurama

vengeance for Father’s death:-

The story is that Kartavirya Arjun (Sahastrarjuna), the Haihaya dynasty, had pleased Lord Dattatreya by austere penance and got a thousand arms and a boon that he would not be defeated by anyone in battle. Coincidentally, while hunting in the forest, he reached Jamadagni Muni’s ashram and on the wonderful hospitality received by the entire army with the help of Kapila Kamdhenu, given to him by Devraj Indra, disobeying Jamadagni by force, took away Kamadhenu by force.

Vengeance of father's death by parshuram. history of parshuram
Vengeance of Father’s death

The enraged Parashurama cut off all his arms with the blow of the ax and severed the head from the torso. Then the sons of Sahastrarjuna killed Jamadagni, his meditative father, in the absence of Parashurama as a vengeance. Renuka entered her husband’s pyre and became a sati. Angered by this scandal, Parashurama attacked the city of Mahishmati with full speed and took possession of it. After this, he destroyed the Kshatriyas from this earth twenty one times one after the other. Not only this, he filled the five lakes of Panchak area with the blood of Haihaya dynasty Kshatriyas and performed Shradh of his father with the blood of Sahastrarjun’s sons. In the end, Maharishi Richik appeared and prevented Parashurama from committing such a heinous act.

After this he performed the Ashwamedha Mahayagya and donated the earth containing the Saptadvipa to Maharishi Kashyap. Not only this, he renounced his weapons in front of Devraj Indra and started living as an ashram on the Mahendra mountain, which was drained by the ocean.

Why is Parshuram Jayanti celebrated?

Parshuram Jayanti is marked to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Parshuram who was believed to be the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The occasion falls on the third day of the Full Moon phase or Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakh.

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