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It is certainly astonished that a young child has entered the knowledge of Vedas, Upanishads in just 2 years old and enter renunciation in age of 7 years old Age. But it is said that behind every successful man there is a hand of some woman, then the credit for becoming a Shankaracharya also goes to a woman, that is, her mother. It was his greatness that the only one born after years. He did not only provide education to the son but also paved the way for him to become a Jagadguru. But the wonderful thing is that the child Shankar seeing the mother’s love, a river also changed its route. At the same time, being a Hermit , he performed the cremation of his mother.
His son also performed the duty. May 6, is the birth anniversary of Jagadguru Shankaracharya, on this occasion know something interesting point related to his life.

History and facts of Shankracharya
AadiGuru Shankracharya

It was decided before birth that his Age would be short:-

Adiguru Shankaracharya was born in the village of Kaladi, Kerala in the house of a Brahmin couple Shivaguru Nampudri and Vishishta Devi by the grace of Lord Shiva.
It happened from There is a story in this regard that Shivaguru along with his wife worshiped Lord Shiva to get a son. anymore Shiva was pleased and gave him the boon of a son, but kept the condition that if the son is omniscient, then he would be short lived. if the long life of the son If there is desire, he will not be omniscient. On this Shivguru asked for the boon of a short-lived omniscient son. After this, Bholenath himself made his house. But given the boon of taking birth. Thus Adi Guru was born on the day of Vaishakh Shukla Panchami and was named Shankar.

All the scriptures were memorized in childhood:-

At a very young age,his father had passed away. After this, Mother Vishishta Devi sent Shankaracharya to study the Vedas in Gurukul. The teachers were astonished by his extraordinary knowledge. Shankaracharya has already known Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata.Including all the scriptures were memorized.

A Story that For mother’s bath, Shankara Shankar turned the direction of the river:-

Shankaracharya served and respect his mother so much that even the river flowing away from his village had to divert its direction. Legend has it that Shankaracharya’s mother had to go to the Poorna river for bath, which used to flow far away from the village. but Seeing the maternal devotion of Shankaracharya, the river also turned its direction towards his village Kaldi.

In this way, Shankshanracharya became a sannyasi:-

According to Legend that one day Shankaracharya told his mother to take Sanyasa. She does not agree on the only son becoming a Hermit. After this, Shankaracharya gave an example of the incident of Narada Muni taking admission in the sanyasa life, how he wanted to become a Hermit(sannyasi) but his mother did not give permission. One day his mother died of snakebite. anymore, Due to the circumstances, Narada Muni became a sanyasi. Vishishta Devi felt very sad on this. But Shankaracharya said that on him. There will always be a mother’s shadow.
At the same time, he promised his mother that he would be with her at the end of his life. as well as his cremation
Will do it myself In this way he was allowed to become a Sanyasi and he went ahead in his life.

There is another story that once a crocodile caught his feet in the river. On this he told his mother that he should be allowed to enter the life of a sanyasi. then it will leave my feet. Knowing that the son’s life was in danger, the mother gave the order for sanyasa. Crocodile left Shankaracharya’s feet.

following a promise that has become a tradition:-

According to the promise given to the mother Of shankar, when Shankaracharya realized the last time of his mother, he reached his village. mother saw her sonand she taken the last breath that moment. After this, when it came to cremation, everyone opposed him saying that he is a sanyasi. And he can’t do that. To this Shankaracharya said that he was not a sanyasi when he had given his promise to his mother. Even after protesting of all people, he cremated his mother. But no one supported him. Shankaracharya decorated the pyre of the mother in front of home and performed the last action. After that it became a tradition. Even today in front of the house in Kaladi, Kerala the cremation is done.

Shankaracharya’s tour of India and Debate on scripture:-

Shankaracharya reached Kashi while traveling on foot from Kerala, from there he received Yoga education and Advaita Brahma knowledge. after that he reached Mahishi, Bihar. where He defeated Acharya Mandan Mishra in the debate. However, he lost in Rati Gyan to his wife Bharati. But he was a child celibate, so he asked Goddess Bharati for some time and after entering enterd in a body to getting Rati education (eroticism education), after getting Rati Gyan He argued with her and defeated them. Shankaracharya died near Kedarnath at the age of 32.

Adi Guru Shankaracharya established the Badarikashram, Sringeri Peeth, Dwarka Sharda Peeth and Puri Govardhan Peeth in all the four corners of the country. which later it is called Shankaracharya Peeth.

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