Why do we have “dreams”?-Reason

Dreams are the stories and pictures that form in our minds while we sleep. They can be amusing, funny, romantic, disturbing, terrifying, and sometimes bizarre. Dreams have been an enduring source of mystery to scientists and psychological doctors. The real secret of dreams No one has been able to know why dreams come?

Why do we have dreams?-Reason:

Dreaming is just an imaginary thought of our brain which is visible to us through the brain during sleep. You will probably be surprised to know that in most dreams you see only what is happening around you in real life like if you watch a horror movie then you may get scary dreams. For example, if you have seen a superhero movie, you may have dreams of the same movie, but it may also happen that you consider yourself to be a superhero in your dreams.

Why do we have dreams?
Why do we have dreams

Dreaming has nothing to do with the previous birth or the next birth. If we follow the fascination of science, then dreaming is just an illusion created by the mind of the surrounding event, but different meanings of dreams of different things have been told.

Sometimes we have dreams about our past, which have happened to us before, they come about the same or if we have to do something in the future, then we can have dreams about that too. We go because of the thinking of the mind, as we think at the moment, we see the same dreams in the night, but sometimes it happens that we feel that we have not seen that thing in our lives, yet it came in the dream. Usually, this does not happen with everyone.

Let us know what is the meaning of these dreams and what is the meaning of dreams.
We can have dreams at any time during the day or at night, dreams that come during the day have different meanings and the dreams that come at night have different meanings, let’s know.

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Frequently asked Questions(FAQ):

Q: Why do dreams come?

Ans: According to science, the β€œactivation-synthesis hypothesis suggests that dreams are caused by the activation of the brain during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and stimulation of the limbic system (emotional motor system).

Q: What is the main reason for the dream coming?
Sleep is the main reason for having dreams. If there is no sleep, then dreams will not come. Dreams are our thinking which our mind sees as dreams while sleeping.

Q: Do most of the dreams come true?
No, according to the research, most dreams do not come true. In some dreams, our mind makes up many things and we feel that this is some information about our past birth, or future.

Q: What is the effect of dreams on human life?
It depends on the thinking of man, if he follows his dreams as a reality, then it can have a lot of effect on him. Usually, we should ignore our dreams in real life and there is a lot of difference between dreams, if you have to do something, then work hard in life to get out of dreams.

Q: What are the solution to avoid having bad dreams?
To get into dirty and bad dreams, you have to keep your mind away from dirty and bad things and stop thinking about them. Only after that, you will probably not have any dirty or bad dreams because whatever you think is what your mind shows us in dreams.

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