Five most powerful life changing quotes if you actually want!

anyone can change their life from now if you take a right decision

Only two kinds of associations are right in this world.

If you associate with someone who is at a higher level of conciousness. then hold his hand so that he can uplift you.

And if you associate with someone who is at a lower level of conciousness, then hold his hand to uplift him.

Any other kind of relationship, is junk.

In the name of avoiding judgements, in the name of compassion,

in the name of equanimity, in the name of indifference;

just check, you might be just protecting your fears, your pusillanimity.

set a great goal. Even if you lose, it will at least be a great defeat.

And if you set a timid, scared, conventional, narrow goal, then even if you win, it would be a timid victory.

What would you rather have a great defeat or a vapid victory?

That’s the choice to make.

If you can stand up in the middle of all your trembling and say. “you know what ,I am so afraid.

That is the moment of your greatest courage .

Courage does not lie in not being afraid.

Courage lies in accepting that you are very afraid and not pretending that “I do not know fear, what is fear?”

And even as you say that, you are wetting your pants!

Spirituality is for the one who will not compromise.

If you are a well-adjusted man, a socially compromised man,then spirituality is not for you.

At least not till the day when you feel nauseatic: when you feel repentent about yourself.

Feeling alright? Stay alright!

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