What is mermaids? Is it Really exist or imagination things?

Hello dear readers, welcome to new post. you can explore the reality of Mermaid.

Many times only wathicng mermaids in movies like The mermaid movie, and we imagine that it’s really and where is it exist? I watch in movies these are exist in sea.

Let’s check Reality of Mermaids and what is it and explore facts relaed to it.

What is Mermaids?

A mermaid is a mythical sea-dwelling creature, often described as having the head and body of a woman and a fish’s tail below the waist. Stories of mermaids have existed for thousands of years and span cultures across the world – from coastal settlements in Ireland to the landlocked Karoo desert in South Africa. The English word mermaid is a compound of β€œmere” (Old English for sea) and β€œmaid” (a girl or young woman). 

The legend of mermaids comes from the tales of Merfolk or Merpeople.

The Merfolk were known as water-dwelling humans; mermaids were the name for the female representations of these mystical beings.

Mermen were the male water dwellers.

There is no evidence that they are real, as their representations appear within folklore and mythology, but it is possible that Merfolk existed, however, not how we describe them today.

facts of mermaid
scientists have considered all the evidence of the meeting of the mermaid to be wrong.

Mermaid symbolism throught History

In the Middle Ages, this view evolved to more of a symbol of sin and seduction. The medieval church used mermaids and sirens to teach Christians about sin, salvation, and promiscuity. It was also told that seeing a mermaid was a bad omen and warned of a storm approaching with an inevitable sinking ship and death to the one who saw her.

existence of Mermaid
In ancient Chinese tales, mermaids were special creaturesock

Mysterious Facts About Mermaids

According to the documentary made by Animal Planet, when some people were finding out about the creatures living in the depths of the water. Then he also saw a creature whose half body looked like human and half looked like fish. Its footage was also shown in the video. But later it was declared a fictional video.

After this, in the year 2016, a child was born in India whose half body looked like a human and the rest looked like a fish. This child looked exactly like mermaids in appearance. Although this child lived only 10 minutes. Later the doctor told that it was a kind of disease whose name is β€œSirenomelia”, which is also known as β€œMermaid Syndrome”.

In another Arabian Nights tale, β€œAbdullah the Fisherman and Abdullah the Merman”, the main character, Abdullah, finds the ability to breathe in water and swims into a submerged world where money and clothes don’t matter. Other Arabian Nights tales mention several civilizations that were more technologically advanced but collapsed due to their differences.

In ancient Chinese tales, mermaids were special creatures whose tears turned into pearls. Due to these reasons, the fishermen constantly tried to catch them, but the mermaids used to drag them into the depths of the water with their songs.

The Thai and Cambodian versions of the Indian Ramayana refer to Ravana’s daughter Suvarnamachha (the golden water fairy). She tries to thwart Hanuman’s attempt to build the Sagar Setu to Lanka but eventually falls in love with him. In Indian mythology, there is a mention of the Matsya avatar of Lord Vishnu, whose upper part of the body is that of a human and the lower part of a fish.

In July 1842, in New York City, USA, member of the British Lyceum Nature of History, Dr. J. Griffin went on to claim that he had a real mermaid. Which he caught from the Fijian island in the South Pacific Ocean. The skeleton of this mermaid was kept in a museum which was named β€œFeejee Mermaid”.

Looking at the picture of this skeleton, it is clear that it is a mermaid. But in 1865, due to a fire in this museum, all the things here were destroyed, but the picture of this mermaid is still present on the internet, which is proof that things like mermaids also really happen.

The earliest stories of mermaids are found in Assyria around 1000 BC. The goddess Atargatis, the mother of Assyrian and Queen Semiramis, was deeply in love with a shepherd but had to kill him unwillingly. Embarrassed by this, he jumped into the pond and took the form of a fish, but even the water could not hide his beauty. Because of this she took the form of a mermaid. Atargatis is considered Derkato in Greek stories.

According to a popular Greek story, Alexander the Great’s sister became a mermaid after the death of Thessalonians. She lived as a mermaid and every time she saw a ship she asked her sailors the same question: β€œIs Alexander the Great alive”, to which the correct answer was: β€œHe lives and rules the world”. She was very happy with this answer and she calmed the water and let the ship go. If there was any other answer, she would get angry and bring storms and tornadoes in the sea and sink the ship.

In this way, a documentary called β€œMermaids the Body Found” created by Animal Planet in the year 2012 once again made the people of the world feel like mermaids.

Many such reductions have come to the fore, but scientists have considered all the evidence of the meeting of the mermaid to be wrong. Even the incident of Mermaids witnessed by Christopher Columbus is being considered by the Scientist as a lie.

The truth is that 70 percent of our earth is water. Out of this, more than 80 percent has not been discovered in the sea yet. Due to which the world of sea creatures is still hiding many secrets inside itself. We have not found any concrete evidence of which till date. So until the scientists do not get any definite proof of the mermaids, then this thing will be considered as a fictional story.

The tales of mermaids are famous all over the world, but in 1493, Christopher Columbus claimed to have seen three mermaids during a sea voyage near the Dominican Republic. He wrote in his article that a human fish-like creature appeared before his eyes.

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