What does Lord Krishna say?

Those who say, β€œNo image worship, no idolatry. We don’t want to look at images at all; we believe in NirguαΉ‡a Upāsana (formless worshiping); we believe in the one Ultimate Truth that has no form, no shape, no name, that is beyond, beyond, beyond.” Alright. What you are saying is absolutely true. The one you really want has no form, no shape, is absolutely beyond. But here the question is not whether he has any shape; the question is whether you have shape.

Lord Krishna
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You are embodied, you have shape, and you are pretty arrogantly claiming that this shaped one will worship the one with no shape. How will you do that? Being shaped, have you ever come across anything that has no shape? Then, being shaped, how exactly are you going to worship the one with no name, no form, no shape?

Your intention is lovely, but your idea is impractical; your method won’t work. So, you will start off with the intention to have no forms, no shapes, but as you move along, as you progress on your sadhana, you will find that you have been compelled to bring in shapes, forms, methods, rituals, all kinds of structures. And every structure is a shape, every structure is a form.

Krishna says, β€œInstead of following this kind of a route in which you keep losing the game along the journey, follow a different route. Accept your mortal weakness and limitations right away. You say, β€˜I’m embodied, so I have to start with bodies. I’m a body, so I’ll start with bodies.’ And starting with bodies, penetrate deep into bodies and discover their essence. At their essence, you will find Me smiling.” That’s the way of Krishna

~Aacharya Prashant

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