Greatness does not enjoy exhibition!

Greatness by its nature loves to remain latent and unmanifest. Greatness does not enjoy the exhibition. Exhibitionism does not sit well with Truth. Truth is quite a sleepy thing; it does not want to display itself.

It just remains relaxed, sleeping, tucked away in some corner, away from the public eye. Only when there is some great exigency that the Truth wakes up and exhibits or manifest itself. Otherwise, the Truth loves being a non-doer. Otherwise, the Truth maintains a hands-off approach.

Krishna clarifies it. He says, β€œOnly when the world experiences a total fall in values and defeat of Dharma, do I come over to save the sages and punish the evil ones”. He qualifies it very clearly: β€œYadā yadā hi dharmasya glānir bhavati bhārata… Only when Dharma experiences a decline or fall or attack do I come over.”

The ascendance of evil is necessarily accompanied by the arrival of someone to counter that evil. It’s a rule; it is as if evil carries within itself the news of the arrival of a Krishna.

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