Why one must read Scriptures?

Refer to the scriptures. Go to them, listen to them, seek advice from them. Let them tell you what you should do and what you should not do. If you’ll not listen to them, then who is it that you are going to listen to? You’ll either listen to the scriptures or follow the commands of your ego. And your ego, yes obviously, is quite dear to you; you are quite identified with it, but it is not your friend.

Not only is your ego not your friend, the ego is actually quite foolish. Even if it tries to do you good, it will end up harming you badly. Therefore, do not be so confident of yourself. Have some discretion; have some respect for what the scriptures are saying. The scriptures are not just utterances coming from some deluded place.

krishna and sudama

The scriptures, you can call as research documents of a very high quality. Just as you have research in the external field, similarly the scriptures are outputs of deep internal research. There have been generations and generations of people who have bothered to go deep within themselves, observe their mind, observe their tendencies, emotions, actions, and the entire world. They have worked really hard. They have observed, they have meditated, they have thought deeply, and then they have presented their findings in these documents to you.

So, they are research documents that come from a process of deep honesty and patience and commitment to the Truth. You’d better benefit from them.

~ Acharya Prashant

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