Who is Meditation for?/Why do not understand Meditation?

Meditation is for those who have a taste for the mystical.

Meditation is for those who have a knack for the unknowable.

Unless you are a little crazy, unless you are a little off-center, a little mad by worldly standards, meditation is not for you.

The world looks at something and says, “This is how it is; its definition has already been supplied to me. A woman is a woman, a man is a man, a sunset is a sunset, a sunrise is a sunrise, a lake is a lake, a vehicle is a vehicle, a job is a job, a kid is a kid, a cub is a cub.” Meditation is for the eccentric ones, who say, “No, a kid is not just a kid. There is something within that tells me that the kid…” And silence. That is meditation.

And therefore, there can be no one method of meditation, because the universe is always all around you, so say your senses.

Meditation is the honest way of looking at the universe, and that includes yourself. When you are honestly looking at anything, you are meditating. When you are committed to the Truth, then you are meditating.

And when you say that even the half-truths and lies are acceptable, then it is beyond you to meditate. Meditation is for the daring ones, who say that “We are prepared to die, we are prepared to disappear, but we will not accept the stories. We want to go into the deep, dark cave and figure out for ourselves what lies within.”

Entering the cave is sureshot death. But then, there are some crazy ones who do meditation.

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