Top 5 Most secret Benefit Websites that Save your Time.

Hello friends, Today in this post going to explore top secret internet Tricks and Secret website, that never know you. It will help to search easy and you will love to explore these websites. So Let’s explore-

#1 intitle:index.of?

Those who are common people, they have to download any movie, game, app, software, then they go to some website and getting frustrated there they keep visiting that website from this website. Still you do not get satisfactory result. I am going to tell you a trick that will help you find any thing on the website. So you have to type in your browser like I want to find a movie, then in this way you have to type ( intitle:index.of?mkv file name ) for example if you have to download The Kashmir file movie then you have to type intitle:index.of?mkv The kashmir file . This trick help you to instant index that websites where you can download movie easily. From this trick anything index instant like app, music, video, software, you have to only change extension where is mkv, for example you have to download music, So you have to type in Broser (intitle:index.of?mp3 song name).


The best thing of this website that it works perfectly PC and Smartphone. In this website you will see fake Hacking and different simulation. which used for prank behind your friends. For visit just click and you direct reached to this website.if you use PC then go to full screen mode to enjoy exprience of this website. you can see in below image that have many options to explore to exprience fake prank like Hacking, chat, FBI Lock, Window, iOS and more options to availabe to prank with your friends.


#3 Translate any website in any Language or Unblock any Block websites Help of Google Translate-

If want to see any website in your regional language or want to read any article in your regional language. Then this Trick is very helpful for you. Choose any website in any language, you just copy that URL and Paste it in Google Translate and select your regional language and Copy your regional language URL and paste into your google search or click on regional language URL and you will see that it is converted in your regional language. You can see in below image.

about Google Translate


If ever your smartphone fall into water, water moved in your smartphone through speakers that can harm your phone. If this situation create and you want to save your phone then you have to just apply this Trick if your phone work a little. You have to open your Browser and Type and tap to go ahead. this will remove water from your phone through a special wave creation. you can see how look it.



This secret Website is a memegenerator. which name, You will get latest memes and you can also create new memes. and you easily edit any memes. you can see how look this website see below picture.


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