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Biography Of Dr. Tanu Jain

Hello friends, I welcome all of you interested readers to Medhastone Blog. Friends, today’s story is of a woman who did not stop working hard even after achieving a good and prestigious position in her life. And today’s youth, who prepare for UPSC every year, they work hard day and night to fulfill their dreams, becoming a living example for such students. And even today she is doing excellent work to develop the society and the country.

Friends, in today’s post, I am going to tell you Why She is Famous for? In today’s post, I will share with you all that despite being a doctor, how did Tanu Jain think of becoming an IAS? Also, in today’s story, we will know in great detail about her personal life, her family, her husband, salary, post, education and earnings.

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What For Dr. Tanu Jain Is Famous?

What for Dr. Tanu Jain is famous?

Dr. IAS Tanu Jain is the topper of the UPSC 2014 batch. She joined Civil Services in 2015. She is working as Assistant Director in the Organization Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of India. Along with this, DRISHTI IAS Coaching, a very reputed institute of India where students are prepared for IAS, Dr. Tanu Jain takes mock interview of UPSC Aspirants here. At the time of interview, she also guides the students on how to overcome their shortcomings so that they can be successful in UPSC.

Introduction in ShortDetails
Full NameDr. Tanu Jain
Nick NameTanu
Date of Birth17 July 1986
Place of BirthDelhi-6, Sadar Bazar
Name of SchoolCambridge School (Srinivaspuri, New Delhi)
Name of CollegeSubharti Medical College, Meerut
Percentage of Intermediate94%
HobbiesPoetry and Writing
Name of HusbandVatsalya Kumar
UPSC Rank501
ProfessionDoctor, IAS Officer
PostAssistant Director of DRDO
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height5 feet 6 inch
Weight55 Kg

Early Life of Dr. Tanu Jain

Friends, in today’s post, we will know about Tanu Jain’s early life. Tanu was born on 17 July 1986 in Sadar Bazar, Delhi-6. Tanu’s mother is a housewife and father are a businessman. Since childhood, Dr. Tanu was the lovely of her parents and her family. As Dr. Tanu has told in her interview that there was no special educational environment in the house.

As is the atmosphere of a Hinduism family, similar, there was the atmosphere of their house, study as far as you have to study and then get married. But her mother had a special contribution in Tanu’s career, she always used to motivate Tanu about her studies and always asked her, what do you want to in your Career?

As a child, Tanu’s mother brought her a doctor kit, Tanu used to play with it, and she used to tell her mother that mother, β€œI want to become a doctor when I grow up. Dr. Tanu Jain’s early education was completed from Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri. Tanu Jain got 94% marks in 12th class.

Dr. Tanu Jain’s Education

After 12th class, Tanu Jain thought of making a career in the medical field, after which she cracked the NEET exam, after the results came, she got admission in Subharti Medical College, Meerut. After this Tanu Jain completed her degree in BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) from Subharti Medical College, Meerut.

What was the problem with Tanu Jain studying to be a doctor?

Tanu Jain has said in many of her interviews that when she was going to Meerut to study BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), her father had an accident. Her father’s accident became such that he had to take bed rest for two years. At that time, her father encouraged Tanu Jain a lot and always used to say that you should not take my tension and must go to the hostel to complete your studies. After this she completed her studies.

Why thought of preparing for IAS/UPSC?

When Tanu Jain completed her BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) studies, she did her intern from Delhi, then suddenly one day Tanu Jain came to mind that being a doctor, she can serve only a few people, she thought that something like this It should be done so that one can serve many people in the society simultaneously.

Passed UPSC exam in just 2 months of preparation

After bringing the book, she started studying and in just 2 months of studies, she passed the first exam (pre-exam) of UPSC, although she failed to pass UPSC’s main exam. Due to passing the UPSC’s first exam in just 2 months, she became more confident and she started preparing for next year’s exam.

In How many attempts Tanu Jain became IAS

After the first failed in first attempt in Mains, Tanu Jain rectified her shortcomings and this time prepared better than before. When She gave the UPSC exam for the second time, she passed in both pre and mains of this exam, but this time she could not get selected in the interview.

The reason for not passing Dr. Tanu in the interview was that he got very few marks in the interview. Tanu Jain believed that she used to participate in many competitions from school and college time itself, so she was confident that she would pass the UPSC interview very easily. But it happened contrary to her thinking. And thus, She failed 5 times in a row, one after the other.

Although Dr. Tanu Jain passed all the three formats of this exam in the third time, but to further improve her position, she gave further exams and finally passed the exam completely in the 6th attempt of UPSC.

What was the rank of Dr Tanu Jain in UPSC?

Dr. Tanu Jain cleared all three formats of UPSC in 2014 and his All-India rank came from 501 general categories. She secured a total of 648 marks in UPSC 2014.

In which post is IAS Dr. Tanu Jain working?

Dr. Tanu Jain after completing her training is working as Assistant Director in DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization), Government of India. She is very excited about serving the country as well as working in this post. She says that by staying in this position, she decides not one but the future of millions of people together. They feel very happy in doing so.

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Dr. Tanu Jain’s Married Life

After completing IAS training in 2015, She married with an IAS officer, Vatsalya Kumar. Vatsalya Kumar is also an IAS officer. He is also working as Assistant Director in DRDO.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Who is Mrs Tanu Jain?

Ans: Mrs Tanu Jain is an Assistant Director of DRDO. And also, interviewer of Dristhi IAS Institute. She is an IAS of 2014 Batch and her All India Rank is 501 by in General category.

2. At what age did Tanu Jain become IAS?

Ans: Tanu Jain has become an IAS Officer at the age of 28. She became IAS in 2014.

3. Who is Husband of IAS Tanu Jain?

Ans: She married an IAS officer, Vatsalya Kumar. Vatsalya Kumar is also an IAS officer. He is also working as Assistant Director in DRDO.

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