What does yoga mean? I facts I benefit of yoga

Hi, You know yoga but You will not know these benefits. that described in this post, So Let’s understand What Yoga means?

If you want to make your life beautiful then for this you have to work within yourself, there is no other way.

Mean of Yoga:

When you talk about yoga, for most people, it means some difficult body postures. Yoga does not mean breaking or twisting the body or standing on one’s head. Yoga is not just a physical exercise. It is a technique that can take you to the ultimate point that a human being can reach. The literal meaning of yoga is union. When you become one with everything in the universe, that is yoga. Now the question arises how can all things be one?

What say Patanjali about Yoga?

Do you know that when Patanjali wrote the Yoga Sutras, his first sutra was half a sentence? That sentence was – β€˜Atha Yoganushasanam’, that is, β€˜Now the discipline of Yoga, in other words β€˜now Yoga’. He meant that when you have tried everything in your life for your betterment and realized that nothing can give you lasting happiness, then…now yoga.

What does yoga mean?
What does yoga mean

When you ready for Yoga?

If you want to feel something tremendous and a little better in your life, you have to work within yourself.
You must have tried everything including earning money, getting luxury, and finding happiness. Each of these things may have given you happiness for a few moments, then you may have started seeing a problem in all of them. You must have thought that your life would be better after getting a job. Although it may have happened in the beginning. Then? You thought that after marriage everything would turn out to be wonderful and it would have happened. Whatever you did, it worked for some time, but after that everything became a problem. If you have realized that all the things that have been done are fine for some time, but eventually they do not prove to be effective, then you can think that – β€˜Ab yoga’. It means that you have come to realize that there is only one thing that can truly work for you and that is – working within yourself. If you want to make your life beautiful then for this you have to work within yourself, there is no other way.

If you work hard on your career then your financial condition can improve. If you pay attention to your family aspect, the environment around you may improve, and your social status may improve, but your life will not improve. If you want to feel something tremendous and a little better in your life, you have to work within yourself. In such a situation, apart from β€˜Atha Yoganushasanam’, nothing else will be talked about.

What has to change in yourself?

Yoga is an ancient science that teaches you to achieve total mastery over life.
At the moment, there are two things – one you call β€˜I’ and the other you call β€˜you’. This β€˜I’ and β€˜You’ thinking can spread to the level of a community or even a country. But this thought of β€˜I’ and β€˜You’ is the reason for all kinds of conflicts and conflicts in this world. Who do you think is β€˜I’, and who is different from β€˜I’? At the moment, what are the things in your experience that you consider β€˜mine’? What you call β€˜me’ or β€˜mine’ is your body, your mind, your thoughts and your feelings, and your energy. Your energy may not be in your experience, but you can easily infer that the way your mind and body are working, there must be some energy for them that will give them the ability to do their work.

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So these are the three realities that you can do anything with – body, mind, and energy. The whole purpose of yoga or spiritual process is to lead you to an experience where there is no longer any such thing as β€˜I’ and β€˜you’. Either everything becomes β€˜I’ or everything becomes β€˜you’. And this experience can be done inside yourself, not outside. And for that, you have to work on your body, mind, and energy. Yoga is an ancient science that teaches you to achieve total mastery over life. Through this, not only can you create your life the way you want, but you also become able to decide the process of your life, death, and rebirth.

Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga has been imbibed as a form of healing. Yoga practice is to orient itself deeply within the individual using different styles (mudras) for healing not only physical health but also the emotional and mental health of the individual.

Yoga is being offered as a complementary therapy along with other treatments in many medical centers around the world. Yoga works on every muscle of your body and relaxes and heals it.

Many players practice yoga to increase their flexibility, keep their body strong, improve their physical physique and increase strength. They also practice yoga to improve their mental health, reduce stress and focus more on their goals.

So let us now take a look at the benefits of yoga, including some that may surprise you:

  1. Research has shown that the process of aging can be slowed down to a great extent with regular practice of yoga.
  2. Yoga enhances your immune system.
  3. According to yoga practitioners, you can reduce depression by practicing yoga only twice a week.
  4. People suffering from feelings of anxiety and worry can benefit from practicing yoga. A lot of research has shown that yoga can help reduce anxiety.
  5. Practicing yoga can help you feel less stressed and enjoy life.
  6. People suffering from lower back pain take benefit from yoga.
  7. Yoga can prevent early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.
  8. Yoga can help reduce the risk of heart disease.
  9. Yoga is a physical practice that improves lung function.
  10. Yoga improves memory and brings maturity in understanding new things.
  11. Yoga brings about phenomenal improvement in your mental clarity.
  12. Diabetic patients can help take control of their health by practicing yoga regularly.
  13. You can lose weight by practicing yoga.
  14. Yoga increases your physical and mental energy levels.
  15. If you practice yoga regularly then you can get good sleep at night and yoga practice also helps in lack of sleep.
  16. Humor yoga is also getting huge popularity in the world. In Humya Yoga Vidhi, you laugh without any reason which is helpful in removing your feelings of stress and depression.
  17. Yoga makes you more environmentally conscious and helps in living an environmentally complementary life.
  18. Yoga also improves your sex life.
  19. Yoga helps you recover from addiction and get rid of addiction.
  20. Yoga helps to inspire your creativity.

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