Who is Maharishi Gautam? The Ancient Sage of India? I History I

In the Indian sage tradition, the name of Maharishi Gautam is taken with great respect, he is also mentioned in the Rigveda, he was a Maharishi and mantra seer of the Vedic period, his wife’s name was Ahilya, which is also mentioned in Ramayana. . On the occasion of Gautam Jayanti 2019, we are telling you the story of Gautam Rishi and Ahilya.

Who is Maharishi Gautam
Maharishi Gautam

Ahilya had become a stone due to the curse of sage Gautam, on which she became alive again as soon as Lord Shri Ram’s feet fell. It is said that Brahmaji created Ahalya with superior qualities, after that he was looking for a worthy person to take care of Ahilya. Sage Gautam was also all wise and intelligent, so he would send Ahilya to the sage’s place when he was young.

When Ahalya grew up, Brahma took her to Maharishi’s ashram and decided that he would marry her only to a sage, but on the condition that whoever comes first after going round the earth, he would be married to Ahalya.

All the gods and sages start to go round the earth, at the same time the Kamdhenu cow of sage Gautam was giving birth to a calf, the sage was helping him. When Ahilya saw his sacrifice and love, he expressed his desire to marry him. Now according to Ahilya’s wish, Brahma ji got her married to Gautam Rishi. All the gods and sages were completely jealous of this marriage.

Ahalya Gautama’s marriage made Indra the most unhappy, because he was mad to have Ahalya ever since he was created by Brahma. He also made a plan for the fulfillment of his lust but he was unsuccessful in it. Indra has now woven a new net and when Gautam Rishi was not in his ashram, he disguised himself and went to the ashram.

He prayed to Ahalya that according to some stories it is said that it was the deception of Indra which Ahilya could not understand, while in some it is told that knowing that there is Indra in the guise of a sage, he again had physical relations with them. Approved to install.

After all this, when Indra came out of Rishi’s hut, Gautam Rishi saw him. He understood everything and in anger he cursed Ahalya to turn into a stone, out of shame he accepted and she became a stone. After some time, when the anger subsides to the sage, he gives a remedy to Ahilya to get rid of the curse that when the feet of Shri Ram touch you, then you will be free from the curse.

Once Guru Vishwamitra was traveling with Lord Rama, when he heard about the ashram of Gautam Rishi, Vishwamitra told him the whole story of Ahilya, which Lord Rama freed him from the curse. Indra also had to suffer the result of Gautam Rishi’s anger, because he destroyed Ahilya’s female religion, to fulfill his lust, the sage cursed that thousand women would be born on your body. In no time, Indra’s body was filled with female sex, so he started apologizing to the sage, on which Sage Gautam changed those sexes in his eyes.

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