Why are happening things automatically in life?

If I am always in the need of entertainment, I want to watch a movie, I want to do something that takes away my boredom, then obviously I want to change. If my mind does not stay in one place and is always wandering from here to there, then obviously my mind wants a change.

We think that by becoming something in the future, that change will come. Or we think that change lies in a person or an object; that by getting something, by getting money, by getting a house, by getting marks, by getting a job, by getting a girlfriend, that change can come.

Why are happening things automatically in life?
This lack of attention is the problem. Nothing else is the problem.

You say, β€œI will be happy when I get respectability when everybody honors me.” You say, β€œI will be satisfied when I have this and that in the future.” This is self-deception. The problem is right now, solve it right now. And, when you look at the problem which is right now, in that looking itself the problem evaporates. In that attention itself, it is found that there is no problem.

The problem is that I search for a solution in the future. When I stop looking at the future and look at the state of my mind right now, the mind becomes calm and then there is no problem at all.

So, we have said two things. One, it is certain that we are dissatisfied, there is restlessness, and this restlessness is evident in every action. It is evident in the way we walk, we eat, and we talk to others. It is evident in the way we use the mobile phone, it is evident in the way we approach our careers.

The second thing is that we have found false solutions, false treatments for our restlessness. Those false treatments will not work.

Find out the real treatment. And when you want to find the real treatment, you will incidentally discover that there is no real disease.

The disease itself is that you want treatment in the future. You look at the mind, and it becomes silent. Right now, as you are listening to me, there is no problem. You are alright. You are fine. But the moment the mind starts wandering, again there will be lots of problems.

This lack of attention is the problem. Nothing else is the problem.( source-Aacharya prashant/medium)

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