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When World Health Day celebrated?

World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7th April. The World Health Organization was also established on this day, due to which many programs are organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) on this day.

Why celebrate world health day
World Health Day

When World Health Day was celebrated for the first time?

The World Health Organization (WHO) organized the first World Health Assembly in the year 1948.The World Health Assembly was held for the first time in 1948 in Geneva. This assembly decided to celebrate 7 April every year as World Health Day since 1950. Since then every year World Health Day is organized to mark the founding of WHO.

History behind of celebration of World Health Day:-

It is seen every year as an opportunity for the organization to draw worldwide attention to topics of importance to global health. WHO organizes international, regional and local events on this day on a specific theme. World Health Day is accepted by various government and non-governmental organizations interested in public health issues, through which every year the day of World Health Day is celebrated as an important day.

World Health Day is one of 11 official global health campaigns identified by the World Health Organization to implement various health plans globally. Along with this, people have to be made aware on various topics related to health. The purpose of the World Health Organization is that good health facilities can be easily accessible to every person around the world and people should be health conscious, as well as the purpose of celebrating this day to consider global health and its related problems.

Theme of 2022 celebration of World Health Day:-

The theme of World Health Day 2022 is our planet, our health. This year’s theme focuses on Keeping Humans and the Planet Healthy. According to WHO, more than 13 billion deaths occur every year due to changes in the environment. This also includes climate change, which is the biggest health crisis for humanity. We all know that there are different types of diseases in the environment, due to which people are suffering. It is very important to celebrate World Health Day to spread awareness among people and to give information about health.

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