Why are we not joyable?

There are many factors of our joyable moments. All of us want joy in entire life. but

Why we are not joyable?

Happiness or joy is not a thinggs, that is only a moment that gives happiness. that is a harmonal process of our Brain. When a situation happened according to me then we feel joyable. and when not get result that we expected then our brain feels sad. these are harmonal functions of Brain. that is not know yet.

Why are we not joyable?
Why are we not joyable

“A person is a friend , a person is a worthwhile companion , only if in that person’s company you can feel alone , you can feel relaxed and peaceful , only if the person’s company does not make itself felt .”

“Loving oneself is not at all different from knowing oneself . Loving oneself and knowing oneself are just one and the same thing .”

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