What is Meditation / What is its True Meaning?

Meaning of Meditation: Meditation does not mean concentration. Concentration is like the spotlight of a torch that focuses only on one place, but attention is like a bulb that spreads light in all four directions. Usually, the attention of the common people can be very low watts. But the meditation of yogis is like the light of the sun, in which everything in the universe is captured.

The eyes are looking for something. The mind is processing, traveling, running in order to reach somewhere. That’s what the human being is all about: a dislocation trying to find its home.

You don’t have to bring your mind back from the world to yourself because there is nothing called ‘yourself’. The mind will anyway not be able to look at the Truth beyond its own dimension; the mind is not configured to do that.

What is Meditation-meaning
Meaning Of Medition

You don’t have to retreat from the world. You don’t have to shrink away from the world. You just have to remember that when the eyes are looking at something, they are also trying to look at something beyond that something—and that is why no thing ever suffices.

Just remembering this is sufficient. And what’s more, you don’t even need to remember this much, because the very movement of the eyes is anyway a continuous reminder that you are hungry.

To meditate is to keep your one aim as your only aim.

When you are somewhere—and as a physical being, as a personal body, you would always be somewhere in the world. When you are somewhere, look fully into where you are. That fullness is what you are looking for, please understand. That is Meditation.

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Nature of Meditation: Innumerable imaginations and thoughts keep running in our minds simultaneously. Due to this, we do not want to remain restless in the mind and brain.
Still, it goes on. You are constantly making yourself less and less weak by thinking. attention is unnecessary Move away from unnecessary imagination and goes into pure and serene silence.

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