35 Psychology Facts about Girls

Welcome Guys, in this article you will be learning about Psychology facts about girls. and girls are different than boys. Friends, there are many such things about girls that you probably do not know about. Friends, in today’s post, we have brought some such facts about girls for you. After listening to them you will not believe them. But friends, this fact is absolutely true. To read this fact about friends, girls, you read this post completely.

35 Psychological Facts about girls
Psycological facts about females
  1. Girls have higher emotional intelligence than boys.
  2. Girls are more likely to experience anxiety and stress than boys.
  3. Girls are more likely to be self-conscious about their looks.
  4. Girls are more likely to experience body image issues.
  5. 70% of females use silence to express pain according to study survey.
  6. 3 out of 4 teenage girls feel depressed after looking at a fashion magazine for only 3 minutes, according to a study.
  7. Anxiety is most common in young females usually around 18-24 years of age.
  8. Based on the total number of people tested since IQ tests were developed, females have a slightly higher average IQ than males.
  9. Females are better at multitasking than males according to studies. For example, Household things,Cooking,Cleaning etc.
  10. Females are better than males at remembering faces.
  11. Females are more anxious and fearful than males.
  12. Females are more likely to say, “I’m sorry” because they are more likely to think they have done something wrong.
  13. Females deal with stress by joining or socializing with others, whereas males love to fly away or get into fight with others.
  14. Females have a slower breathing rate in comparison to males.
  15. Females have twice as many pain receptors on their body than males but a much higher tolerance than males.
  16. Females learn to talk and use sentences earlier, and learn to read more rapidly than males. Males have a greater incidence of reading disabilities, stutter more, read with less speed and accuracy, and by the time they reach maturity have a lesser vocabulary than females proved by study.
  17. Females seem to use both sides of their brains for problem solving. Whereas men seem to use the left side of the brain for problem solving.
  18. Females speak from more of an emotional perspective. This is partially due to brain chemistry but also social learning. There is a stereotypical idea of females within the general public that has made it easier for women to openly cry, sympathize, laugh etc. without feeling judged or vulnerable like their male counterpart might feel in a similar situation.
  19. Females suffer more from animal phobia and social anxiety when compared to men.
  20. Females take longer time to make decision than males do but once they make a decision, they are more likely to stick to it.
  21. Humor is associated with intelligence and honesty; this is why most women tend to be attracted to men with a good sense of humor.
  22. Men socialize by insulting each other but they don’t really mean it.Women socialize by complementing each other, and they don’t really mean it either.
  23. Men who possess deeper voices are more likely to appear attractive or make an impression on women than men who possess higher voices.
  24. Most Women if not all, have their own dream world, and wish them to be True one day.
  25. The maximum time a women can keep secret is 47 hours and 15 minutes on average by reports.
  26. There is a stereotype that women get jealous easily, and ex-girlfriends are often labeled as “crazy”. However, a study proved that men and women get jealous equally.
  27. When man shy or blush they generally look upward or on their right & left. When women shy, they look downward. Men itch their chin/jaw/eyebrow/forehead, women adjust the strand of hair behind their ear.
  28. When women are upset over something they like to share their problems with others and if you patiently hear their problem then they feel better.
  29. Women are more prone to extreme mood swings,Women tend to think more of those who ignore them, than those who constantly talk to them.
  30. Women can empathize more, and can feel what others can feel, and are highly caring and protective of their loved ones.
  31. Women can understand and read emotions better than men, but sometimes they are emotionally vulnerable.
  32. Women communicate more with non-verbal gestures than verbally to loved ones.
  33. Women felt that men became more attractive if they saw other women smiling at them.
  34. Women who prefer to have more male friends than female friends are happier, healthier and tend to live longer.
  35. Women with higher IQ’s have a harder time finding a mate. Intelligent women would rather remain single than be with wrong person.

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