Psychological facts about boy and girl friendship

The way a boy and girl interact with one another is often different than the way a boy and boy interact. This is due to the fact that boys and girls are socialized in different ways. Boys are typically socialized to be assertive and to be the leader of the pack. This can sometimes mean that they are not as good at building strong friendships with other boys. Girls, on the other hand, are typically socialized to be more passive and to build relationships with other girls. This can sometimes mean that they are not as good at building strong friendships with other boys.

Psychological facts about boy and girl friendship
Psychological facts about boy and girl friendship

Despite these differences, there are many psychological facts about boy and girl friendships that are the same. For example, friendships between boys and girls are often intense and rewarding.

  1. Months before fatherhood begins, Male Fathers-to-be experience hormonal changes; their prolactin level goes up, and testosterone goes down. This change in hormones encourages paternal behaviour.The pheromones of a pregnant woman may drift over to her partner to stimulate these changes.
  2. While females are commonly believed to be the more emotional gender, researchers have found that infant boys tend to be more emotionally reactive and communicative than infant girls but they decide hide this feeling against the world.
  3. A man like women who are more feminine not dominating.
  4. A man’s smell is the most vital factor for a woman upon first contact. they actually appear more attractive to women when they smell good
  5. According to a study, men who express anger are more likely to influence their peers, while the opposite is true for women.
  6. Boys have a huge respect for his siblings.They tend to show that they don’t care about them or fight with them, But when someone will hurt their siblings than they can’t control and will protect them at any cost.
  7. Boys love challenges, and the things to do which are difficult.
  8. Boys never like to go to market for domestic things even if they are forced.
  9. Guys don’t want to talk about their feelings too.Just because they don’t initiate heart to heart conversations doesn’t mean they don’t like talking about it.Just don’t make him feel threatened by your questions & he’ll definitely open upto you.
  10. Guys fear rejection, want attention, crave affection, and dream of perfection.
  11. Guys hate asking for help most of time,and will avoid talking any help until they feel they can’t do it by themselves.
  12. Guys love compliments. They don’t hear compliments too often from their friends, but when they hear it from a girl they fancy, they’ll never forget it!
  13. Having the shy and calm nature in boys, are most of those boys who are an artist like painter or singer.
  14. Like girls, boys have also the jealousy factor. If any boy loves a girl, and another guy flirting with that girl, surely he will feel jealousy.Boys are competitive for loved once.
  15. Male who lose their virginity late have a higher income,higher education and a more healthy relationship later in life than those who lose their virginity earlier.
  16. Boys have much aggression than girls, especially in teenagers.
  17. Men don’t like comparison.They hate if any female will compare them to other male.
  18. Men have 6 times more amount of testosterone in their bodies than women. Testosterone impairs the region of the brain responsible for impulse control and attraction.
  19. Men in stable relationships are healthier, live longer and have decreased anxiety and stress.
  20. Men who are clean shaved are believed to be more trustworthy than the ones who are not. But Reverse applies for attraction, Men with Beard are more attractive than clean shaved ones according to surveys.
  21. Most of guys love their Mothers and they express their love openly to her, but they respects their father even more but they can’t share openly even to their fathers also due to shyness. But deep inside down they have a huge affection towards their father.
  22. Mostly boys find the girl, Whose behaviour is similar to their mother.
  23. Off all the things men wants in a relationship with a girl, respect is the biggest craving of all. Give a guy respect, and he’ll love you more. Take control of the relationship instead and he’ll shrivel into a shell.
  24. Some boys are very stubborn. These types of boys are never back down and never to heard anyone. They are quite angry and aggressive, but they have a special quality that is passion for love and being loyal.
  25. Some of the boys have deep feeling for families duty and responsibility more than girls.

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