Why we do not concentrate on any work? I Reason I Don’t know yet I

Why we do not concentrate on any work?

We all want that we should be concentrated in our work. And this problem is not limited between us and you, this problem is the problem of people all over the world. Whether it is a student or a working employee. We do not understand why we are not able to concentrate in any of our work. And students are more affected by this problem. If a student likes mathematics, then he brings very good marks in that subject, whereas work in psychology or geography brings marks. Because when the student goes to study that subject, then he does not feel like in that subject, that is, he is not able to concentrate, due to which he is able to bring marks in that subject.

So today in this post we will try to understand the root of this problem, that is, why we are not able to concentrate on any work, then read this post from beginning to end to understand it. And also share this post with your friends so that they can also understand the reason behind this problem. So let’s understand-

Concenctration is not get birth it get from practice

What does it mean to concentrate the mind?
Concentration of the mind means that the mind has gone somewhere and sat, and is not moving from there. Which we say that this thing or work is enjoyed.

What would the mind want to concentrate on?
The mind will concentrate on that which pleases it. There are only two conditions for the mind where the mind will be completely concentrated. First where the mind will find happiness, and second where the mind will find deep sorrow. Where there is deep happiness also the mind becomes concentrated and where there is deep sorrow also the mind becomes concentrated.

Let us understand by example if at this time you are having pain in your tooth, very severe pain, then where will your whole consciousness be concentrated, in your body means in your tooth. And at that time there will be no care of the whole body except that tooth. Constantly you will only feel that tooth.

Happiness or pain, only these two things attract the mind, and the name of that deep attraction is concentration.

Which way we are attracted, it depends on who am I?
For example, there is grass and meat in the field, and there is a horse and there is a lion. Who will concentrate on which side? The horse will concentrate on the grass, and the lion will concentrate on the meat.

Whose mind, so has the same concentration.

Just keep in mind that when you are going to buy a car or bike, you see only that model everywhere. Wherever it happens, you definitely see it because at that time only the care of that is in your mind. If somewhere you see the poster, there are pictures of many celebrities and in the middle there is a half-naked picture, then you will see only that half-naked picture.

As your mind is, so will your concentration.

You want that I should remain as I am, and after that I should concentrate. We should not even change and we should also achieve concentration, so that our interests can be fulfilled.

The life you have lived, your concentration will also be exactly the same. If you want concentration, you have to change the object of your concentration.

This is the reason that thousands and lakhs of people tried to concentrate, thousands and lakhs gave mantras for concentration, but they never worked, because no one’s emphasis on the mind. Every mantra is defeated in front of the mind. There is no shortcut way to changing life.

If you want to concentrate on the book, then you have to learn how to love the book. You have to know whether love can also be related to the book? Not only of exploitation, that when the exam came, I opened the book, and now I want to concentrate. Which is not possible, even after trying a million, you will not be able to concentrate.

You have to fall in love with that book, you have to build a relationship with it, and then you will find that you do not need concentration.

Kabir Sahib has said-
Earlier this mind was like a crow. And in whom does all the concentration of the crow reside? In feces, in feces, in filth. As long as you are a crow, the object of your concentration will remain the same. Kabir Sahib says that earlier the mind was a crow, what he used to do was like suicide, it was like suicide. He was doing his own harm. Now that mind has become like a swan, millions of faces are lying everywhere, the dirt remains, that feces does not attract him. Now he eats only by choosing pearls. You put the dirt in front of him, he will not touch it.

You do this to your mind, purify your mind’s instincts in such a way that it is not attracted towards the squalor. No matter how much squalor is around you, it cannot make you dirty. Can’t touch you Be like you are in the mud, and even then he could not touch you. Then you will not ask, “How to concentrate?”

But for this you have to change your whole life. And there is no shortcut way. You watch the internet, then look what you see on the internet. Internet is a vast store of information, on it you will also find something that will change your life, and you will also find many such things that will immerse your mind in more squalor.

what are you doing ? Honestly ask yourself the question, am I not destroying myself? You see, in whose company do you live? Whether it is feces or pearls. They help you to clen your mind or else they just waste your mind.

Arjun and Krishna were also friends among themselves, but he was such a friend who gave the text of Gita. And how are your friends who are reading the Gita too, then they will say, “Maniacs come after drinking alcohol.” So you see what you have filled in life, and clean it. Embrace that which is like a pearl in it. And throw out what is like garbage in it immediately.

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