How to identyfy yourself?

When we are in childhood, We have never arise a question who am I ? But when we gettig young age then many responsiblities get with Ages. Then We afraid in life, How can I handle these responsibilities and what are the Indentity of myself?

How to identyfy yourself?
How to identyfy yourself

What is the Reality of Identify myself?

If you are not know How to identify yourself? Then Ask These Question Yourself :-

  • What is the existance of me?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • What are the strength and weakness?
  • Which work do I like to work lifetime?
  • What should be identity in Society and country?

Those question have to ask yourself. I know all of you have different answer but I declae that the main purpose is the life to geeting liberation according to sprituality.

You can see in your society that any person has their identity according to his work. That is right, so you have to choose a right work to identify yourself in youur society or country.

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