Maya will come, rest assured!-Spiritual Quotes

Maya will come, rest assured!

Any ordinary man, any ordinary woman would come in contact with you, and that contact will be the contact of Maya, rest assured. But when a Shri Krishna comes in contact with you, something extremely unusual happens. It is not that now Maya will take you further in its fold; rather that contact with Shri …

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What is the Highest State of a Human Being?-conciousness

conciousness is the highest being of human

That is not too important a question. What matters is whether you are better today compared to your previous self yesterday. You have to be better relative to yourself. Talking too much of the grand absolute not only is not helpful, but can actually be deception towards oneself. You can keep talking of the highest …

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When do you say that a man is alive?

What is life all about? When do you say that a man is alive? To be alive means to know, and know not from the past, not from any external source. Know right now! Attentiveness. To be alive means to be free. To be alive means that the mind is unburdened, unconditioned, that the mind …

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Sprituality:points to ponder

Spirituality isn’t about God or consciousness. All spirituality is essentially about not being stupid. Its about being really β€˜fool-proof’. No ritual is spiritual. Spirituality – Truth above self. To not to be spiritual is to be a social slave. Without an essential spiritual dimension to the relationship, an element of fear, suspicion and exploitation will …

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Love is a highly exclusive thing!

Love is a highly exclusive thing. You just cannot love wisdom and nonsense in the same way. You cannot talk of the highest and the lowest in the same breath. You must learn to exclude. You must learn to reserve. You must learn to see distinction before you come to see unity. If someone starts …

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What does Lord Krishna say?

Lord krishna

Those who say, β€œNo image worship, no idolatry. We don’t want to look at images at all; we believe in NirguαΉ‡a Upāsana (formless worshiping); we believe in the one Ultimate Truth that has no form, no shape, no name, that is beyond, beyond, beyond.” Alright. What you are saying is absolutely true. The one you …

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How to know that one is not the body?

I feel I am deeply identified with the body most of the time. How do I start detaching myself from this body-identification? Being a woman, I find it more difficult because of the social and physical conditioning. You can have a small vessel that contains small pieces of many metals: iron, aluminum, nickel, copper. And …

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You must give from empty pockets!

Spirituality invariably consists of pushing the ego to go against itself. You have to fight against yourself; you have to win the inner battle. You don’t like to give because you already feel short of everything. Charity is about challenging this perception of deficiency. You say, β€œI am so deficient”; the concept of charity says, …

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β€œYou are your own friend, and you are your own enemy”

"You are your own friend, and you are your own enemy"

β€œYou are your own friend, and you are your own enemy” You decide. Even if a lot of information or support is available to you, yet ultimately the support cannot decide on your behalf. The judgement must be written in your own handwriting, in your own ink. You may have a team to assist you; …

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