Top 10 most life-changing Spiritual Quotes of Aacharya Prashant

“Don’t look elsewhere. Look where you are. See what you are doing. And pray that you get the power to reject the falseness in yourself, in your thought, in your actions.”

“Only two kinds of associations are right in this world. If you associate with someone who is at a higher level of consciousness. then hold his hand so that he can uplift you. And if you associate with someone who is at a lower level of consciousness. then hold his hand to uplift him. Any other kind of relationship is junk.”

“That person who takes your mind to Truth is worth loving. The person who takes your mind to Truth is the only one who deserves to be loved.”

“The lonely person is always thinking. The lonely person is always busy with himself. The lonely person just cannot get rid of his concern. Thar is loneliness.”

life-changing Quotes
life-changing Spiritual Quotes

“The tyrant is no more sitting outside, the tyrant is sitting within. It is a part of our ego, it’s controlling us from inside. if the tyrant is sitting within and if we want freedom, then the real battle has to be internal rather than external.”

“You cannot be wise in isolation, if there is great foolishness in your surroundings, environment, and ecosystem.”

“When you are alright with yourself, then others you have only Love to offer, and when you are not alright with yourself, then to others you offer all the vitriol that is consuming your life.”

“Often Love gets trumped by habit. Habit wins, Love loses. Man has love for light but habituated towards darkness. And habit defeats Love. Who is a Saint? Whose love is greater than his habit.”

“What you are doing from morning till evening is life, And if your life is full of delays, procrastinations, gossips, worries, tensions, then that is what you are living. And nothing good can come out of this kind of a climate.”

“Truth is that which will never make you suffer, which will never let you down. Stay only with that, depend only on that. Do not place your confidence in anything or anybody else, and least of all in yourself.”

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